Creativity and Autism

A bridge in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

A bridge in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

In my creativity class today, we assessed our creativity. The first part looked at our personality traits that matched those of other creative people. Meanwhile, the final part of the assessment graded our creative thinking skills.

Strangely enough, I ranked fairly low on the average scale in my personality traits but in the high margin for my creative thinking skills. This made me realize how Aspergers or Autism affects creativity. Those with this type of brain are not less creative than others, but we exhibit it in a different way.

For example, class has taught me that creative people do not need structure and can adapt to numerous situations. They are more self-assured and free-spirited than most people. Black and white thinking is frowned upon in favor of thinking a myriad of options.

Meanwhile, someone like me with Aspergers thinks logically. I crave structure and familiarity. Change frightens me although I am learning to adapt to it.

However, I do not fit the model for the “normal” creative person. And when I think about it, that is ok. My Autistic mind allows me to look at the world and bring my imagination to help people in another way.

Logic and creativity mixed together? That actually sounds pretty awesome. While staying in the rules and trying to maintain normalcy, those with Autism are able to think of new ideas that work with an old structure. Do we need people to think completely outside of the box? Certainly, but we also need Aspie creativity.

Thus, it makes sense that I would not rank high in having the standard creative personality but would in having a creative thinking skills. I have the skills but just use them in a different way. That in and of itself is creative.


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