Failure Is a Normal and Healthy Part of Life

What are your greatest fears? Some people might respond death while others will say spiders. Public speaking, rejection, monsters under the bed – the list of fears could go on for pages.

However, one of the biggest fears across the whole world is failure. No one likes to fail whether it is on a school project or on a business merger. We are faced with chances of failure every day and quite frequently – far more likely than we would like – do fail.

Despite our fear, failure is a normal (even a healthy) part of life. It teaches us what does not work and helps us to stay motivated. Without it, we would not know the true excitement and beauty of success. We need failure to balance out life as well as learn to improve.

Do I like to fail? Certainly not. However, I should learn how to deal with it and let myself do it at times. There is nothing to forgive or be ashamed about when you fail. You simply need to learn from it and try again.


4 thoughts on “Failure Is a Normal and Healthy Part of Life

  1. mistakenldy says:

    Awesome post!! I just put up a post on my blog breaking down the letters of the word fear and an optional perspective to turn a negative to a positive 🙂 hope all is well in your world!

  2. btg5885 says:

    Good post. A great baseball hitter fails seven times out of ten. A good shooter will miss half of the baskets. So, we should not be afraid to try and fail, yet we still are reluctant more than not. We all fail, we just need to get up, dust ourselves off and learn from it then try again.

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