Is There One Cure-All for Mental Illness?

Sloth on tree

This sloth is sometimes how I feel when I am down.

Today I started a new one type of therapy. Although I am feeling optimistic, some apprehension has already taken root in me. The therapist stressed the fact that her treatment would help me heal from past trauma. With that vampire bat gone from hanging in the corner of my mind, I would heal from the rest of my mental illness – depression, eating disorder, and anxiety included.

Can that really happen? Does one type of therapy cure mental illness? For that matter, does one medication?

I have always been a firm believer in drawing from many sources for healing. Most people need a combination of the following: therapy, medication, family and friends, coping skills, support groups, spiritual support, and/or physical health care. Nearly everyone that I know uses many of the items on this list in order to transition to a healthier place.

That is the reason I am wary of this new treatment. Could it completely cure me? Possibly. More likely, it will help me to deal with my trauma and move on with that part of my life. Being free to feel secure around men, date with fear, and not blame myself for being a woman or ugly will be nice.

However, I doubt that my depression will fade. Anxiety will probably continue to gnaw at my thoughts. Body image might still be a sore subject for me. Fixing this one part of my past might not heal all of my mind and spirit.

After all, my depression came before the incident when I was little as did my anxiety. They are part of my brain chemistry and genetically handed down in my family. Thus, altering the way I view one past event will not erase the genetic predisposition I have to mental illness.

Does mental illness have one cure-all? None that I have found so far. Instead, different treatments and ways of coping seem to fit well to make the right plan for each individual person. This makes recovery difficult, yet (as I always point out) it is not impossible.

But does that hope come from one thing alone? What do you think?


13 thoughts on “Is There One Cure-All for Mental Illness?

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    I think I’d like to have a cup of coffee with you & talk & talk & talk…

  2. Rawclyde! says:

    Well then let’s keep blogging! I’m an old man who had a nervous breakdown when 15 years old, and another nervous breakdown at the age of 20. That’s my acquaintance with “mental illness” other than being a nut. You seem to be getting along very well…

  3. It sounds great, like if I could deal with the trauma in my past I’d suddenly not be bipolar anymore… I’m not sure that’s how it works though. I’m no expert though, just someone who’s dealt with depression for a long time.
    Good luck! 🙂

  4. Rawclyde! says:

    I think ~ isn’t bipolar like being a teeter-totter? If yer feeling real bad, so what? It won’t last. Before you know it, you’re feeling real good again, quite possibly for no reason at all. Isn’t that how it works? Like a teeter-totter?

    I think ~ as for having the blues, or feeling melancholy ~ since when did such interesting moods turn into “depression”? I think we need more poetics in the world & less lab terms. I know very well that nobody around here is a lab mouse!

    When I was 21 & recovering from a full-fledged nervous collapse, after some medication, some therapy, some lapse of time, what finally cinched my recovery was a road trip via Greyhound bus and, best of all, hitch-hiking all by my lonesome on the highways from New Orleans to San Diego. But, the American motorist seldom picks up hitch-hikers anymore ~ so don’t try that now! I guess today you’d have to come up with some other cure-all. What could that be? I don’t know. But, but having a “happy” job at Disneyland might be one of the best tickets on the planet maybe…

    Healthy interaction with the world, I guess, is the best cure-all. But watch out for ~ hooligans!

  5. christinadrh says:

    Hmm…I think that would be nice but it is a process, a journey and as you said, multiple tries with multiple resources. PTSD never goes away, it gets managed. Your brain changes with trauma, but neuroplasticity, making new neuropathways with new behavior and thoughts, done diligently can bring healthy changes. What is the therapy? I’d be a bit wary of the sales pitch but would probably give it a shot with reasonable expectations rather than a cure all. I guess if you decided what exactly you want from the therapy would be the best way to go. Good luck!

  6. Ben Naga says:

    No, not impossible. Wishing you good speed in your journey to peace and healing.

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