Being Blind To Your Love; An Open Letter To My Mom

I love you, Mom. This is not what I did exactly, but you went through plenty of rough times with me. However, you never gave up on me. You remained my #1 cheerleader even when I yelled and blamed you. Thank you for never giving up on the mess that I am.


Dear Mom,

Remember in seventh grade when we moved to a new city? I thought that I hated you for it. I thought that you had an evil plan up your sleeve to rip me away from all my friends and family. Little did I know that you were providing me and my siblings with new opportunities we never would have came across if we would have stayed in the little town of Emporia.

Dear Mom,

Remember when I wanted to chop all my hair off and dye it funky colors? Looking back at those pictures I question why you would ever let me make such decisions (because let’s be honest, I can not pull off a bob hair cut and purple/pink hair), but you always made me feel beautiful and told me that I could “rock it.” Another example of the many times that I was not opening my…

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2 thoughts on “Being Blind To Your Love; An Open Letter To My Mom

  1. MEM says:

    Dear Rose with Thorns,
    I am pretty sure that your mom probably loves you a whole lot and doesn’t really think you are a mess. So, maybe you can remember self-compassion when you think that you’re a mess. I’m just really thinking that your mom must be really proud of you.

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