Is There a Point to Creativity?

St. Mary Magdalen

The Anglo-Catholic Church St. Mary Magdalen

The other day, I was looking at jewelry inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. One of my favorite artists, this man had a tragic life that ended in suicide. He was so talented but only sold one painting in his whole life. Others looked at him, judged, laughed, and turned away instead of seeing his talent. Instead of seeing the deeply burrowed pain in him.

No one realized the brilliance of van Gogh until after his death. This made me wonder a dark question: is there a point to being creative if no one cares?

Yes. I needed to say that. Sure, it feels unfulfilling. That does not make it so though.

Sometimes creativity is belittled or ignored. In fact, that might happen often. Van Gogh proves this. However, deep creativity changes the world around it. The effect might not be immediate, but it cannot be dulled.

My hope is that I am changing the world creatively. I am not sure if I am, but that is one of my biggest goals.


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