Disney College Program: Aloha!

I am so excited to share this wonderful post by a fellow DCP cast member. You got this, Danielle!

It's A Great Blog After All

Well everyone, you are looking at the newest Walt Disney Merchantainment Cast Member at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! Let’s just say I was a little more than thrilled to find out my work location. I was nervous to find out where I would be working. Considering I have never had a job in merchandise before, I was nervous to be thrown into one of Disney’s largest stores on property, either World of Disney or The Emporium. Anyways, I will be wearing a cute Hawaiian dress at one of the two merchandise stores at the resort, BouTiki or Moana Mercantile, and I cannot wait to share my adventure with you!


For starters, check-in day for the Disney College Program was SO much easier than I expected. A few days before your arrival, you will be given a check-in time through DORMS. Your assigned check-in time, from what I have noticed, depends on your role…

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