Listaliciousness: Dr. Suess books, Creativity, and Disney

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A vegetarian burger with sweet potato fries and spiked milkshake from Cowfish

It has been way to long!  Finally, Listaliciousness is back!

Here are some links of wonderful things. There were many to choose from, but I decided on these.

  1. New Dr. Seuss book – I loved his books growing up and think this will be fun to read.
  2. 15 Mysterious Facts about ‘The Hardy Boys’ – Aw, the boys are here to save the day! I loved Frank Hardy and enjoyed his sleuthing skills. These are cool facts about him and his brother.
  3. The Good Dinosaur trailer – This film looks super cute. I am excited to see another Pixar film this year.
  4. Mirroring God’s Creativity – I wrote this partly because of my creativity class that I am in right now. We should all aim to be creative and imaginative.
  5. Great-Grandma Graduates after Going back to Heal Her Broken Heart – This is such a sweet story!
  6. The Catholic Side of Disney – Another article that I wrote, this was important for me to say even though it took some bashing.
  7. I Never Expected – There are many things that we do not expect to happen to us in life. This post is a great reminder of staying strong no matter what happens.
  8. My Disney Experience – This Disney app and website is so very helpful! I love using it.
  9. Jung Typology Test – We did this in class, and I loved it! I am an INFJ although I have been an INFP in the past. What are you?
  10. Pope Francis Surprises Worshipers – He is so amazing. What a wonderful person!

6 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Dr. Suess books, Creativity, and Disney

  1. MEM says:

    Curious about how you tied your Disney world with your Catholic world, I read that article, Miss Rose with Thorns. Very clever of you to let your readers in that website just argue with each other rather than you making a response to each of their comments!

  2. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Oh My, so much to catch up on and thanks for listing these goodies…I am ENFP:)

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