A Night at the Ball

My picture with With Cinderella and Prince Charming

Normally they are never in photos together, but they made an exception.

Last night was one of the best of my life! My sisters came into town to see the parks for the first time and celebrate my birthday. On our final evening together, we went to 1900 Park Fare.

Here you meet Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Termaine, Anastasia, and Drizella. It was truly magical!

Firstly, we were late and nearly turned away, or so I thought. Being told we still had our reservation caused me to cry. Perhaps this is part of why everything became so magical. The characters, a birthday card for them to sign, the food…everything was perfect.

I confessed to Cinderella that she was my hero. Years ago, a director (the amazing Rob of Ashland Productions) cast me as Cinderella in that show. I was not as thin or experienced in theater as the other girls, but he gave me a chance to shine when I felt invisible. That show was the beginning of a huge change in my life. Since then, I have loved Cinderella.

She noted this and told her Prince. Thus, he escorted me to another room to dance with me. He also wrote me a note on my birthday card about coming back because he missed us while we were getting food. Characters rarely ever do that!

Cinderella and he kept telling me that I was a princess and part of the family because I worked attractions at Princess Fairytale Hall where Cinderella meets during the day. They returned to our table numerous times to check in on us. Honestly, I was swept off my feet and was crying with joy.

Plus, the stepsisters and mother were hilarious. Lady Termaine yelled at Christine about her outfit, but Drizella and Christine decided to be best friends. Anastasia was a doll although Christine got her in trouble for (the scandal) showing her bloomers.

To make matters even better, a dessert platter that none of the characters had seen before presented. Even my friend who worked there did not know about it. Who knows how I received such a magical moment, but the whole experience was perfect.

I feel so blessed. Thinking about it still makes me cry. I wish that each day was filled with such joy and promise of hope. That is how I want to remember living life – bringing magic to others and tears of joy.

Dreams do come true!


2 thoughts on “A Night at the Ball

  1. celinemurray says:

    Whoohoo! So glad to hear about such a wonderful day, Anna Rose. 🙂 It’s so sweet. Rachel and I were chatting about how happy we are for you tonight, and I was telling Rachel that whenever I think of Cinderella, I always think of you. It’s so cool that you got to “meet” her! ^_^

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