Recovery in the Media: #72. To the Brokenhearted: Being a Christian with Depression

72. To the Brokenhearted: Being a Christian with Depression by E.S. Huberty

Nine years ago, when I was doing the show Cinderella, I met a lovely and sweet girl who played one of my stepsisters. Over the years, we stayed in touch a bit although we rarely saw each other. However, her strength and perseverance always inspired me. Thus, when she wrote this book and had it published online, I was thrilled that she requested me to blog about it. The topic and message fit perfectly with this blog. Plus, she is a talented writer and storyteller which makes this book even better.

Synopsis: Can a Christian suffer from depression? This question is asked far too frequently. For many Christians, being depressed or anxious is viewed as a sign of failure or even demonic forces. Emmaline Soken-Huberty explores mental illness and faith in this read that is both quick and helpful. She looks not only at how mental illness and faith affected her own life but also how others can use her experiences to deal with their own mental health issues while remaining strong in their faith.

Recovery Pluses: This book is honest without being too triggering. Openness is a huge part of recovery, and this can be found throughout the book. E.S. Huberty refuses to shy away from the truth. Even when painful experiences are recounted, she proclaims what happened despite the pain that she might have experienced thinking about such events.

Speaking of pain, depression and anxiety are difficult enough to deal with when all in your life are supportive. If your support system is against you, who do you turn to? What if your faith seems to be against you? Maybe you even think that God is too! Without turning away from her faith or God, Emmaline noted what was wrong in the spiritual instruction she received. This book helps readers know how to do similarly and make a change by speaking up about false teaching on mental health.

Other recovery pluses in this book include useful tips for dealing with mental illness, relevant stories others can relate to, and facts about mental illness. There is something important for any reader in each chapter that can be used to help loved ones or oneself.

Cautions: There is nothing too triggering in the book.

Overall, this book was such a blessing to read and not only because I knew the person who wrote it. Each chapter inspired me as I related wholeheartedly to her words. Too long has mental illness been seen as a sin. We should come to realize that it is a great burden often but not something to be ashamed of or hide. Emmaline tells us that brilliantly and eloquently in To the Brokenhearted: Being a Christian with Depression.

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2 thoughts on “Recovery in the Media: #72. To the Brokenhearted: Being a Christian with Depression

  1. MEM says:

    “What if your faith seems against you?…Even God…” GOOD POINT! A great question to ponder – God will never abandon you, Miss Rose with Thorns. Thank you for this wonderful post.

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