Accepting Help from Others

With Scooby and the Gang

The Mystery Incorporated Gang always helped each other.

“I can do it myself!” This is one of the first phrases that children use. Independence appears to be one of the first lessons that we learn.

In many ways, being independent is a good thing. We are self-sufficient, confident, and strong. Functioning alone is possible as well as in a group. As the word implies, you are not (“in”) needing to relay (“dependent”) on anyone else.

Yet, there are many times in life when we need to accept help from a friend or family member. Yes, we can function alone but should also lean on others for guidance and support.

Accepting that help can be difficult though. Society trains us to fear being weak and needing assistance. You should be able to manage on your own. If not, you are being an annoyance to others.

However, I like to help my friends. Why would they not want to help me in return?

When you accept something from another person (be it a gift or piece of advice), you not only are aided but the giver as well. We learn from helping others. It encourages and strengthens us. We learn from receiving and giving help.

That is one of the many reasons we should accept help from others; it is helping them too. There is nothing weak or wimpy about that. Independence is good, but so is working as a team.

6 thoughts on “Accepting Help from Others

  1. Working together in this day is almost a necessity.

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