Feeling Good about the Food You Eat

Pasta dish

Feeling good about your food choices can be hard but is possible.

Food is an issue that fills many people with guilt. You want that extra cookie but would prefer that no one knows that. Yes, you finished the rest of the ice cream, but who would it help if you confessed that? Those potato chips might not be as nutritious as that banana, yet you shamefully eat the chips in the dark corner.

Usually, I feel very guilty about food. Recently, however, my groceries have helped me to feel healthy and excited about having a good diet. There are certainly moments of self-disgust but not nearly as many.

This new feeling of excitement over nutritious food is strange but refreshing. Here are a few tips I wanted to share about how you can feel good about the food choices you are making instead of ashamed.

  1. Make your own meals. These do not need to be fancy. For me, even throwing together some spinach, a pear, some nuts, and mozzarella cheese feels like an accomplishment. For some reason, this tastes better than buying a pre-made salad and makes me happier.
  2. Buy fresh food. Although this is more expansive, you can get fresh fruit and vegetables on sale at times. Having something fresh – or even better, fresh from your garden – makes you feel better about eating it.
  3. Eat slowly. When you eat on the run, you are not able to enjoy the food or allow your body to read its hunger and fullness cues. Sitting down, chewing slowly, and relishing the moment are essential to feeling good about food.
  4. Choose wisely not cheaply. Try to choose items with more nutritional value rather than the cheapest option. This is not to say that you most spend lots of money or some food is bad. Food is food. You just want to be conscious of how you are fueling your body.
  5. Indulge a bit. Try to let yourself have something delicious that you love each day. Be that peanut butter, ice cream, or chips – just let yourself have one serving and enjoy having it.

Those are some of the tips that I have learned. How are you able to feel good about food?


One thought on “Feeling Good about the Food You Eat

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    Right now I’m stuffed ~ full of pork & rice & salad. I could barely get to the library, I’m so full. A can of string beans & a chunk of bread with peanut butter & a cup of coffee is probably all I’ll have for dinner later. Much later.

    It doesn’t bother me to stay hungry. But I don’t like to starve.

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