One Thousand Thanks: 1133 – 1143. Taking a Break

tea kettle

Having tea and relaxing sounds nice but is hard to do.

Right now, I am taking a break from work for several reasons including going home to get some rest. This is a great blessing, but I am very nervous about it. Resting is something hard for me to understand in recent years. Although I long to sit and rest, my body craves doing something physical while my mind yearns to be productive.

So, instead of fretting about my restlessness, I am going to say what I am thankful for regarding breaks from work. Cue another list of thankfulness although this is not Thursday.

1133. Time to think – It is hard having time to spend with your thoughts when you are so busy. I am looking forward to having more time to really know what I need and want.


1134. More sleep – I might not like this, but my body is craving it.

1135. Seeing my loved ones – This will be the best part of this break! I am so excited to go home for a little while to be with my parents and brother.

1136. Going back fresh – Working takes so much energy. It will be nice to go back ready for the job because I will be less stressed.

1137. Realizing how much I love my job – Being refreshed will bring back that same spark to my daily work.

1138. Getting to-do lists done – There are many things outside of work that I need to do. Now is a great time to do them.

1139. Time to reassess life – This is always good to do and needs to happen more in my life.

1140. Eating regularly – Work can mess with food intake. A break will be helpful for eating.

1141. More time to write – Here is another great way to spend my time.

1142. Reading more -Yes! I want to do this more in my life.

1143. Seeing my roommates – They are wonderful girls I would like to be with more often.


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