How Do You Describe Depression?

Girl sadly thinking "what now"

Another way you might describe depression

There are many ways to describe depression. Here are just a few that I have heard from others:

  • Darkness, utter black
  • Drowning in an ocean
  • A jail cell that one can never break out of
  • Numbness
  • Being suffocated

How do you describe depression? What does it feel like to you?


13 thoughts on “How Do You Describe Depression?

  1. Weight. Like walking around with weight over you that covers everything, that makes getting up and doing normal things hard. It’s a weight of body, heart, and soul.

  2. Feeling like I’m a spectator for my own life, tucked away deep inside my body and never getting to actually experience any of the life I’m living.

  3. jenovotony says:

    Waiting for the axe to fall, but knowing you won’t really feel it when it does.

  4. alexmoriah86 says:

    When I think about my depression, I’m often reminded of a scene from Lars Von Trier’s movie Melancholia. It’s actually about his own depression, characterized by a giant blue planet that is traveling toward earth and will inevitably collide with it. There is a character played by Kirsten Dunst, who has severe depression so badly that she destroys her own wedding. When trying to describe how she feels, she says that it’s like having the roots of a tree grasping her ankles which make it so that doing anything feels very heavy. They are physically pulling her down and she can’t fight it. I love that imagery and that movie. I feel like that a lot. But, I also feel like there is a creature in the pit of my stomach gnawing away at me and it’s like the rest of me is sinking into that hole in my gut, like I’m imploding. What a good question.

  5. Rachel says:

    Overwhelming lethargy interspersed with mindless terror. Wanting to get away from everything without quite knowing what you want to get away from, and without the ability to summon the energy to do so.

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