Back to Work

Meeting Mickey

Who wouldn’t want to go back to this boss?

Going back to anything can be hard. Some people see it as a failure, as moving backward in life. I see it as returning to something that you enjoy, that you left but are happily (if nervously) returning to, that you both love and are drained from at times.

I am nervous but excited to return today. Hopefully nothing crazy happened while I was gone. Too many changes would be hard to manage.

However, going back is a new adventure no matter what has changed or stayed the same. It is one that I am ready for facing.

So, what is a time that you went back? How did you face it? I would love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Doug Trouten says:

    I once got laid off at a job, only to be rehired before actually leaving. I decided to look at the experience as a gift. I was able to consider other opportunities, and then able to continue doing a job that I loved with a fresh realization that I was there by choice.

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