Falling Asleep Standing Up

My cat Princess sleeping

My cat princess sleeping

Sleep – the bane of my life.

It brings bitter dreams and terrifying images
It robs me of precious hours and quiet time.
It creeps into my body despite my desire to fight it.

Sleep – the treasure buried in the future.

It lingers in the back of my mind throughout the day.
It calls to me like a siren to a ship.
It engulfs me in its soft embrace and tender whispers.

Sleep – some days, I swear I could do it anywhere:
Standing up,
Upside down,
On a bus,


3 thoughts on “Falling Asleep Standing Up

  1. Robert Pierce says:

    Sleep is very important for good health. Short naps during the day are very helpful. Avoid watching the news or any violence before retiring for the night. A glass of warm milk is helpful and above all don’t dwell on unpleasant things before going to bed. Don’t “try” to fall asleep, just think pleasant thoughts past or what you are hopng to accomplish tomorrow.

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