Things that Put a Smile on My Face

About to ride on Dumbo

Riding the rides makes me smile.

After my last post, several people expressed concern about me. Now I feel a bit overly dramatic. Yes, life is stressful and hard down here in Florida. However, it is also full of amazement and new victories.

My smile falters with lots of hate for my body, PTSD flashbacks, anxiety, and depression. Yet, the smile returns daily for many things. Here are just a few:

  • Having coffee with my friend Amanda
  • Weekly workouts and lunches with my friend Morgan
  • Watching the little princess come in to meet the princesses at work
  • Helping a man who had just lost his wife by crying with him
  • Working next to Cinderella’s castle each day
  • Hearing my mother’s voice on the phone
  • Sleeping in a bed full of cute stuffed animals and dolls
  • Getting letters from friends like Taylor
  • Being twirled by my coworker Kenny
  • Seeing guests faces’ light up when I say “Good morning” or “Hello, your majesty”
  • Receiving praise from those in charge of me at work
  • Giggling late at night and having heart-to-hearts with my roommate Emily
  • Knowing my family is coming soon to see me for the first time
  • Shopping for the holiday at Disney
  • Swimming with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon
  • Making new friends almost every day
  • Meeting people from Minnesota and all around the world

The list could go on and on. That is a lot to smile about and be thankful for having in my life. My smile might be pasted on a times, but it is usually full of hope and joy.


One thought on “Things that Put a Smile on My Face

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    Anything that puts a smile on that face is okay with me!!! Especially having coffee with a friend. But, but, I hope it’s not your last smile when swimming with sharks…

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