Highlights of Having My Family at Disney World

Tobias, a Royal Majesty Maker, with my family

Tobias, a Royal Majesty Maker, with my family

I am so sorry about the long wait! Life has been crazy with work.

More importantly though, I was busy for five days with my parents and little brother. They came to Disney World. It was the first time at the parks from my mother and Mario as well as the first time to all the parks besides Magic Kingdom for my Dad.

Riding Big Thunder Mountain

Riding Big Thunder Mountain

Having them here was such a blessing and wonderful time. Here are some of our highlights:

  1. Building a car with Mario on Test Track and then seeing how it would perform
  2. Being put onto a ride early and placed in the front row to watch the scenes on the Mexican boat ride.
  3. Having my family meet my friends like Morgan, Amanda, Lola, Kenny, and others.
  4. Going to The Lion King Show and watching the amazing talent there.
  5. Having Mario show me something new at Animal Kingdom.
  6. Being an extra in the Indiana Jones Show!
  7. Wandering around the Osborne Lights’ Show in Hollywood Studios.
  8. Talking with the Citizens of Main Street and being honored by them.
  9. Tigger, Dad, Mario, and I

    Meeting Tigger at The Crystal Palace

    Meeting managers at The Crystal Palace.

  10. Getting last minute reservations at Be Our Guest.
  11. Being ok with missing a few parts of my plans.
  12. Going to the beach twice!
  13. Seeing more of Florida.
  14. Simply being with my family
Mario playing on the beach

Mario on the beach

Having them gone is so hard. However, seeing them is worth the pain of having them leave. I am so very blessed with a great family!

Dad pulling at the sword in the stone

Dad trying to pull the sword from the stone.


2 thoughts on “Highlights of Having My Family at Disney World

  1. MEM says:

    What cute pictures, Miss Rose with Thorns. Your family is beautiful, just like you! It is nice to hear you had such a good time. And Shakespeare certainly must have written something that agrees with your comment that “seeing them is worth the pain of having them leave.”

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