Thanksgiving Away From Home

Talking to Mickey Mouse

I am so thankful for my wonderful boss, Mickey Mouse.

I never liked Thanksgiving very much. Most times, my social anxiety made me sick and caused me to hide at family functions.

Today, however, being away from family stinks. I cried when I saw families at Disney World and thought of my own. All I want is to be with them right now.

Still, there is so much to be thankful for today. Here are my blessings, the same number as my age:

  1. My eye that was hurt healing
  2. Going to the beach yesterday with friends
  3. Not having to wear a coat
  4. Free lunch at  work
  5. My roommate Hallie making us some food
  6. Great coworkers and managers
  7. Talking to my Mom and Dad
  8. The sunshine
  9. Being told that I “gave great service”
  10. The cute children who waved to me
  11. Getting off of work fairly early
  12. Not waiting too long for the bus
  13. Listening to John Williams on WCCO
  14. Having a job
  15. Having a place to live
  16. Having clothing
  17. Having a family who loves me
  18. Wonderful friends
  19. Being told by a cast member that I was “doing perfectly”
  20. Having money
  21. The Christmas decorations in the Magic Kingdom
  22. My warm blanket
  23. Christmas music
  24. My computer

What are you thankful for today?


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