Missing My Family

As I listen to my roommates talk about their families coming down to Disney for Christmas like it is not a big deal, my heart keeps sinking. Yes, I am happy for them. At the same time, it stings.

Being alone for Christmas, and working it, will be so sad. I am excited to Skype my family, but that is not the same.

How do you manage being alone for the holidays? What can I do to ease this pain? How do I listen to this planning without going crazy hearing about other families?


4 thoughts on “Missing My Family

  1. Is there anyone you can spend Christmas with, like a friend or relative? When I have to spend holidays alone, I try to do things I normally wouldn’t do for myself. Like make hot chocolate and watch a movie in my pajamas. Something I normally wouldn’t do because I usually convince myself I’m too busy for that sort of thing.
    Sometimes when it’s really hard, I just think about it like it’s not a holiday. If it was any other day of the year, it wouldn’t be so hard to be alone. So I just think of it like any other day.
    Hopefully that helps. Good luck ❤

  2. jenovotony says:

    Not being with loved ones for the holidays can certainly be difficult. I try to focus on my other favorite aspects of the season. Like driving through neighborhoods looking at the Christmas lights and baking cookies while listening to carols. And, my absolute favorite, watching the old claymation Christmas films! I think that doing little things that you enjoy can definitely help take the sting out.

  3. Rawclyde! says:

    Don’t feel like the lone ranger. Lots of people miss their families on Christmas & make it okay all the way to the New Year. Merry Christmas!

  4. jefairgrieve says:

    Christmas alone can be a good experience, Annarose, and you have the power to make it good. I’m seventy-six and have seen a lot more Christmases than you, and many of those Christmases I have spent alone, without my children or anyone else close to me. Here are some ideas: 1. Adopt a “Christmas family” of people who also are alone for the holiday and enjoy the day with them; 2. Do an act of kindness on Christmas Day that you will always remember fondly; 3. Read a holiday story to a child in a hospital or a senior in a nursing home, going to the facility first to find out who needs a Christmas visitor; 4. Go to your church and find out who is most apt to be alone on Christmas Day and may not have any presents to open and pay a few of those people a quick visit and give each one a wrapped gift–a lot of people don’t realize that elderly people sometimes have no gifts to unwrap on Christmas morning!; 5. Visit somebody who is alone on Christmas and has a pet, and take the pet a pet toy or treats–people who are alone usually cherish their pets, and a gift to their pet is a gift to them; 6. Spend some time before Christmas visiting with some nuns–they may invite you to spend time with them on Christmas Day or they may need some help on that day. Nuns usually know how to keep Christmas in the best way!

    You have a kind, generous, loving heart, Annarose, and sharing what is in your heart with others on Christmas is the most wonderful gift you can give! And in the giving, you will receive many times over. Remember the Prayer of St. Francis, and you will have a wonderful and memorable Christmas!

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