My Blessed, Magical Christmas Eve

Me with my pooh

The pooh that I was given

Just knowing Christmas is tomorrow was hard for me. All day, I felt lost and sad that I could not be with my family. Not only would my sisters, brother, and parents be celebrating, my dad’s parents and his family would be getting together as they do each Christmas Eve.

Thus, I went to Epcot feeling very down. “God, please let me have a magical moment today,” I prayed. “Please grant me some special love. I really need it right now.”

First, I went to see Pooh and Tigger. My father does perfect Tigger impressions. Because of that, Tigger is now one of my favorite characters.

The character attendant realized I was about to cry. We talked about the fact that I missed my family, could not see them, and loved Tigger because of my dad. She told this to Pooh and Tigger. They spent so much time with me, giving lots of hugs and kisses. Then the attendant invited me to come back later.

Secondly, I saw other characters such as Pere Noel in France, Aladdin and Jasmine, Mulan, and Santa Clause with Mrs. Clause. When I told the jolly fellow that I wanted to see my family for Christmas, Santa promptly asked where I lived. He then sang me a long song about Minnesota that he made up on the spot. Again, the characters took extra time to take care of me.

After a few hours, I returned to see Pooh and Tigger. They remembered me and lots of fun ensued including Tigger being concerned about my ring and relieved that I was single. We then did the “Single Ladies” dance.

Finally, I went to dinner at the Rose and Crown. When being seated, the hostess asked how my day was going. I said that it had been hard but that I was happy to be there. Then, I told her that I met Pooh and Tigger which had helped.

The meal was delicious and I was just ready to go when the hostess returned to my table with the sweet girl who had greeted me. “We are sorry you had a hard day and hope your night gets better,” they said and gave me a signed menu with a quote and a cute pooh bear which I had always wanted.

I began to sob after hugging them. Jennifer, a wonderful woman who was sitting at the next table, came over to check on me. She invited me to join her family for a bit. They were all so kind and supportive.

Overall, my prayer was answered. Today was hard but so wonderful as well. I am not alone and will not be tomorrow. I will get through this time and be blessed.

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