Reminders to Hang On to Life

Cinderella's coach

Cinderella’s coach

There are so many reasons to hang on and not lose hope. Life is full of difficulties and sorrows, yes, but also many beautiful moments and people.

  • Birds sing every morning, no matter the temperature or lack of sun.
  • Flowers can sprout up even in harsh places like the middle of a sidewalk.
  • People do amazingly selfless and considerate things every day.
  • Raindrops help plants to grow and bring nourishment and cleansing to the earth.
  • Dreams do come true although it might take lots of tears and time.
  • Pain does not last forever.
  • Love, however, can last forever.

There are many more reminders that should help us all hang on when it is hard. What are some of your reminders?


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