Sometimes You Just Need to Voice Your Needs

Be quiet. Do not complain. Remain strong like nothing is wrong.

Those are voices in my head. Sometimes those messages are helpful. Usually, however, these words create more drama and pain in my life. Instead of being honest about difficulties, I try to manage by myself until I end up sobbing, feeling alone and defeated.

Just opening up a bit and voicing what you need can turn a situation around for the better. No one knows what you need until you admit it.

For example, I was dreading going to the airport to pick up my sister. How do I get there? What if my license does not come in time? Where do I wait? All these questions and more plagued me.

After suffering through these anxieties, I asked my roommates where to wait. They helped explain it, but the fear inside just kept bubbling over what I thought I could handle.

My ability to manage life has been much better than the past. Who would think that I could live thousands of miles from home, pay for rent, buy my own food, maintain a car, and apply for jobs? There were times when I thought that would never be possible.

Yet, little things like this still get to me. Calling the car dealer to get my license, going to new job orientation, paying for food – all of it nearly sends me into an anxiety attack. Thus, thinking about the airport was just adding another panic to my list.

Instead of keeping those thoughts inside, I stated, “I am really scared.” Instantly, my roommates asked when I needed to pick up my sister and offered to go with me. Suddenly, this dreaded event seems like lots of fun.

What would have happened if I had stayed silent? Sure, I could have figured it out alone, but the anxiety would have been hard to manage. This is much simpler and more fun.

When is a time that you asked for what you needed and life became simpler? I encourage you to be a bit more honest about your needs and feelings to those who you trust.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need to Voice Your Needs

  1. MEM says:

    It really helps to have people that you can count. Bravo to your roommates!

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