The Mystery of the Past Two Valentine’s Days

Valentine's Day Teddy

My wonderful Valentine’s Day gift from Christine

Sleep still in my eyes, I wandered into the living room this morning. Staring me down from the couch was a huge, fluffy teddy bear.

“Must be for one of my roommates,” I figured before snuggling onto another side of the couch with my cereal.

Heading out the door, my lovely roommate handed me a card. “Someone at work left this and the bear for you.”

What? Someone had given me a giant stuffed bear and a Valentine? Someone remembered me after being gone a month and a half?

Upon the card being opened, the situation became much clearer. It was from my sister Christine. On her trip down to Florida in January, she had made me leave Target while she picked up something else.

“Will I ever know what it is?” I begged, ever curious.

“One day,” was her only response.

Thankfully for my curiosity, that day has come. My roommates must have hidden the bear away until today. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

This reminded me of last year on Valentine’s Day. Several of my coworkers got together to give me flowers and a little teddy. Gestures like this are never forgotten.

Strangely enough, my heart is changing towards Valentine’s Day. Two years ago, someone broke my heart on this day. After promising to be there for me, he turned his back and took back all that he said. Years prior, I watched other couples together but was always alone. Despite all of the friends who I sent Valentine’s to, people rarely sent me any cards in return. It was just another reminder of my lonely existence.

However, today and last year have been amazing examples of how people have changed in my life. Or maybe, I have been able to accept more love into my life? Either way, having such great examples of friendship and love on this day means so much to me.

All I can hope is that this wonderful mystery continues to the following years. I might feel alone, but days like this remind me that there are others who love me. Maybe they are not here right now, yet we will always care for and support each other.


4 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Past Two Valentine’s Days

  1. Had a I liar experience when my boyfriend broke up with me the night before my birthday. Realised over time we hadn’t been together longer than I realised. Got to pull your socks up, keep distracted on St Valemtines Day, & keep believing there is someone out there that ‘Gets You!’

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