One Thousand Thanks: 1144 – 1154. Living Far from Home


Lantern in Morocco

There are cons to living away from home but also pros.

Living out of state has been harder in some ways than I had guessed it would be. The snowy winters, family members being close, friends who I grew up with – all of these things are very missed.

Yet, there are many blessings about living in a new place too. Here are some of the reasons that I am grateful that I ventured out into the world.

1144. Being forced to grow up – Living close to home would have made it harder for me to actually grow up. I wouldn’t have wanted to move out of my home or get out of the house as much. Being thousands of miles away makes me do things on my own for the first time.

1145. Reminding me the importance of family – My family is more dear to me now that I see them less often. It hurts but is very beautiful too.

1146. Finding work that I like – I never could imagine myself as an adult which made me not want to grow up for years. Finally, Disney has given me a place that I actually want to work which makes me feel like I have a purpose in life.

1147. Experiencing a new culture – People in Minnesota are so different than people in Florida. Having met and been friends with both is something that I am grateful for in my life.

1148. Mail – Whenever I get a letter or package from my family or friends in Minnesota, it means so much! I love receiving mail!

1149. Less pressure – There is certainly more of certain pressure but also less pressure to be a certain person. It is easier to start a new life and be genuine.

1150. Making recovery your own – Not having any of my support people or support team around me is hard. So is paying for the medical bills myself. However, it forces me to decide if I want recovery and how I want to go about it.

1151. New experiences to write about – The more you travel, the more people you meet, the more experiences you have, the more material you have for writing.

1152. Finding a new home – Is this painful? Yes. Is it sometimes necessary. Yes.

1153. Making new friends – Disney introduced me to so many wonderful people. I am counting the days until my orientation when I can meet more great people.

1154. Having your own space – Space from family, space from home, space from other – it is nice to have it sometimes. Lonely but nice.


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6 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 1144 – 1154. Living Far from Home

  1. So true, Anna Rose. I realized I felt more thankful and peaceful after reading this. 🙂 Hugs.

  2. It’s also a chance to reinvent yourself;Good on you!

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