Coping Skills: #86. Count Your Blessings

Morgan's gifts

The wonderful package that my friend Morgan sent me was the highlight of my week.

Waiting to get a job at Disney again and then waiting for it to start these past two months has been hard. However, even in the hard times, remembering the beautiful elements of life is important.

Just this week, I endured many struggles with my anxiety, eating disorder thoughts, and depression. However, even more blessings followed me. I need to remember to look at those good things and notice them just as much (or, hopefully, even more) than the negative parts of life.

For example, work was stressful last night. However, I was honored for how a guest raved about me to a supervisor. Not only did a manager compliment about it in front of everyone, she also gave me a coupon for a free meal as a thank you from the company for doing such a good job. That gesture made the other stresses of the evening diminish. Instead of panicking when things were going wrong, I smiled and worked at my own pace. Was everything I did perfect? Certainly not, but it was good enough to make lots of guests smile and even earned me some good tips.

Today, another huge blessing surprised me. I came home from a walk to a package outside the door. My wonderful Disney College Program friend Morgan had sent me some gifts. As someone who loves to both give and get presents, I was so very excited and touched. I miss her so much but am able to have a little piece of her with me now.

I encourage you to think of what you are grateful for in each month, each week, each day. Counting blessings is hard to start but can become a habit with time and persistence.

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2 thoughts on “Coping Skills: #86. Count Your Blessings

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    so glad you got a care package awesome and definitely brings a smile! I need to be doing that gratitude list every day! XX

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