Living Between the Two Sides

Being agreeable and getting along with others has always been important to me.

Sure, I was the shy, antisocial girl who answered too many questions in class and barely talked in the hall. Peers stopped talking when I entered the room, believing me too naive to handle anything slightly inappropriate. Others giggled at my lack of social skills or complained to my face about strange traits.

Still, I wanted others to like me. This continues to be a goal of mine. The more people who like me, the better. Even if I do not like the other person, I hope he or she respects and enjoys me.

This way of thinking sometimes causes me to feel like I am living between two sides, stuck pleasing everyone. I try not to choose sides. These sides can be large scale (i.e. political party) or small scale (i.e. favorite movie).

Before saying what I think, I like to listen to others. Then, I can choose if I want to agree whole-heartedly with them. Otherwise, I can find a way to not argue without saying that I fully agree with their opinion.

Most often, however, I find myself trying to surf between the opinions of others. When you are in a group of people, there are bound to be disagreements or differences. I try to stay between the two sides, being kind to both without agreeing or disagreeing with either.

This leaves me feeling so stuck sometimes. However, I am not sure how else to live. Can I somehow stay neutral without feeling so stuck? How do others manage?


2 thoughts on “Living Between the Two Sides

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    I think everyone wants to be liked to some degree, you definitely arent alone in that feeling. Its hard when you feel like your just trying to please everyone. and stay neutral.

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