Coping Skills: #87. Visit the Library


Books from OxfordWant to learn a new language for free? Love watching movie and don’t have Netflix? Need to use a computer or printer?

Going to the library can help in any of those situations. Not only can you do all of that, you can also find peace, knowledge, and fun.

I grew up loving the library. Watching magicians pulling birds out of guests’ hats and singers leading music, baking “liberry” pies for the librarians, walking a few miles to the library every week, taking out 100 items and being told I could not have anymore – there are so many memories.

The library is like a second home to me. When I open a new book, I make another friend. Whenever I converse with a librarian, I gain new knowledge and social skills. Listening to music from there calms me while watching movies teaches me new stories.

Just the calm environment eliminates anxiety while the sense of community (with other readers, librarians, and even the authors) gives me a sense of belonging that erodes my depression. Suddenly, my mental illness seems more manageable.

There are many places you can go as a coping skill. The library is just one of the few. However, it is one of my favorites which I greatly encourage everyone to try going to at least once.

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2 thoughts on “Coping Skills: #87. Visit the Library

  1. ashokbhatia says:

    Somehow, it is such a soothing experience! Humbling as well, as one realizes how much wisdom is stored on those shelves, and how many lives would be required to devour a portion of it!

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