Listaliciousness: Aladdin Reunion, Princess Kate, and Broken Hearts

Meeting Ariel

Meeting Ariel

Well, time has certainly passed since I posted one of these lists. However, there were a few links that I wanted to share. Plus, getting back in the schedule of regular posting on my blog is a goal of mine.

So here are some great links both pertaining to mental health and Disney (where I just began to work again yesterday) as well other interesting topics.

  1. Video: ‘Aladdin’ Cast Reunites for Iconic ‘A Whole New World’ Performance – This is so cute! I love this song and movie.
  2. Princess Kate Speaks Out about Children’s Mental Health – Good for her! She is such an inspiration.
  3. Pictures Depicting a Panic Attack – This is a helpful guide to how some people feel.
  4. Video: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? – Good question. There is not really a right answer.
  5. Picture: Would You Treat an Animal like That? – This cute but very helpful cartoon shows how body hate is so cruel but we don’t think about it that way usually.



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