You Remember Me?

Pluto and Santa Goofy

Pluto and Santa Goofy

“Did you take this class recently? Because I remember you saying you were looking forward to bringing your family to Walt Disney World for the first time.”

“You’re back? I so excited to see you!”

“You are going to work there, right? I have been following your journey on Facebook.”

All these are the wonderful responses that I have received in the past two days of being back at Disney. It is such a small world really. People that I know continue to pop up and surprise me. Managers, trainers, and fellow cast members all have greeted me warmly. Even the person at the service center asked if I used to be with the company.

Being remembered is a wonderful feeling. It makes you realize that you touched someone. Of course, your impact could have been negative. Hopefully, though, mine has been positive.

I want to be the kind of person who is hard to forget, who leaves people feeling a bit more loved and hopeful. That is one of the reasons I love Disney so much. Everything from the movies to the parks makes me feel warmer and happier.

Thus, these past few days have been a lovely surprise. I look forward to continuing to see people who remember me and I certainly remember and deeply love.


2 thoughts on “You Remember Me?

  1. It’s really heartwarming to be remembered for making people happy. For bringing people joy. Enjoy it, you deserve it. Feel the love.

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