A Letter My Fiancee’s Daughter Wrote To Me Tonight Before She Ran to Bed

This is so touching!

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a letter my Fiancee's daughter wrote to me tonight before she ran to bed Reddit User, ‘poolesso’, shared this lovely photo of a letter he received.

For context he added…

“My fiancee has 2 girls, one 10, one 3. I have a 4 year old son. Her ex was abusive and they broke up almost 2 years ago. I met her after and we clicked and got together, and after a while got engaged. At first I wasn’t sure I was cut out to take on two girls, especially when one was already 10 and I’m barely 22 myself. Turned out her Dad pretty much stopped acknowledging that they exist and I tried my best to pick up the slack, she told me that she watched her Dad hit her Mom, etc.

I paid for her to enroll in soccer and played with her every now and then. Watching her at her games, I noticed she was really good at running so I asked…

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