I Read into Things too Much

Do you ever over-analyze a situation? Think about it until you have exhausted the ways to view it?

This seems to be my life. Why did he say that to me? Why is she looking at me? Are they thinking this? What if they really mean that?

These are the thoughts that continuously run through my head. Every moment of my life seems to be analyzed by myself.

Part of this is my Aspergers. To understand others and adapt socially, I taught myself to pay close attention to small details. Forgetting the “littlest” thing could lead to teasing or being abandoned by my peers.

However, some of my attentiveness seems to have gone overboard. Now, I no longer know how to control it. One word or glance might make me miserable for days. On the other hand, a positive interaction can make me elated for the rest of the week.

So does anyone else (especially those on the Autism spectrum) deal with this? How do you manage to not read too much into everything? Is this even a bad thing?


8 thoughts on “I Read into Things too Much

  1. MicheleV says:

    Yes I used to do this all the time. Amen is the main one to help me get over this– my mom does this TO THE EXTREME, so I just did also, without knowing. I still over think things to death… but I have found that if i genuinely just tell myself “it does NOT matter what that person is thinking of me, I’m awesome so it doesn’t matter anyway. I used to really think people did not like me. Then I realized that most women are just catty b”tches that are insecure. I would say at 30 years old now, this is the first time in my life I am feeling comfortable with my body (wide hips and butt you know). 29 years is a long time to walk around in skin I hated. I guess I just stopped caring what people thought of me.. because I literally cannot care. There were a few times I was so mad at my family… for reasons… Amen would tell me.. you are here hurting and they are there laughing. Be free. It took me a .long time to get there, but I am there now. I also like the saying “you cant expect everyone to love you bc most people don’t even love themselves”. You have to wake up each day grateful. When you start to think this way… here ME say, “why the f do I even care. They don’t take my breaths or pay my bills. I am free”. Freedom starts from within. only you can free yourself. I don’t want to be flippant and say it is a choice… because I really do understand… but you have to try to change how you think. Peace starts with your mind. You are good enough, it does not matter what anyone says. All those girls that hurt you growing up… imagine how different it would have been for you had you just said I don’t care and just moved on, literally not caring. Don’t let them be the master of you. Find a way to let it go and free your spirit. It all starts with how you think. The mind is a powerful machine. Hugs

  2. In some ways spending more time out amongst people helps you become desensitised to it. Some of it you, gotta learn to ignore looks & shrug it off. Or find a way to humorously interact with people. Sometimes it’s about managing anxiety, easier said than done. I often don’t see people if they’re in my blind-spot. Say, in a retail environment. So, when I realise I didn’t see someone, I tell them I didn’t see them if they misinterpreted my facial expression to be directed at them. How you manage your disability is not about making others less uncomfortable around you. Keep up the good work!

  3. MEM says:

    Dear Rose with Thorns,
    Please allow me to give you a bit of advice in this regard. Work toward a stronger self-identity, one in which you know, understand, and like yourself. I am sure there is a psychological term for this, but my mind cannot think of it right now. As one gets older like I am, one recognizes that to have integrity with oneself is truly more important than what others think of us. You are still young and in that wonderful stage of life! However, you will learn that your inner self is good, strong, and valuable all in itself – without the external praise of others. Most people like affirming words, but I trust that as you gain self-identity, you will need them less and less from others.
    Sorry for the sermon here. Perhaps these words will help a bit..

  4. I read your post and I can relate. I have that same fear that if I don’t pick up on the tiniest detail I’ll get lost.

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