That’s Not Funny

Perhaps I am overly sensitive. Correct that statement: I am overly sensitive. However, there are times when people laugh and joke about subjects that make me cringe.

Normally, I just look away (or move away, if I can) and ignore them. Inside, part of me is screaming to speak up and say, “That isn’t funny!”

We all have sore spots that we don’t want people to poke fun at, even if they mean no harm. Finding out when to brush off the thoughtless joking of another person and when to ask that person to stop is difficult. I usually err on the side of pretending I am OK with the laughter until I want to cry. That certainly is not healthy.

Instead, I want to find a balance of standing up for what I am comfortable with and letting other people be themselves. Taking the person telling the joke, the setting, the harshness of the joke, and the intent into consideration is important. Some people will be funny in a cruel way while others simply want to make friends smile. There is so much to analyze in each situation.

Then there are certain topics that I will never think are funny: suicide, eating disorders, rape, etc. Also, if someone makes fun of me or mistakes that I make, I probably won’t find the humor in that either. Sorry, but unless I am laughing at myself, I don’t really want fingers pointing and people snickering about me.

Being funny is a wonderful gift that some people have. However, it can easily be misused to hurt others. Please be careful with humor. It can both bring people closer and tear them apart.

6 thoughts on “That’s Not Funny

  1. I agree with you. I can laugh at myself or with someone but not at someone.

  2. I hear you. You can politely tell them you disagree & don’t be afraid to tell them why. I was with my sweet young Carer when getting an ‘earful’ from an elderly man tell me Downs Syndrome babies should be put down at birth. What I know of Downs kids is they are sweet & loving & hurt no one. And I hat day my Carer cried because his younger sister has Downs. People who are ignorant need to be very very quiet on subjects they know nothing about. You happen to know what one of those things(I hope only) is all about. Feel free to inform them. Then walk away if you need to. Be strong!

  3. Olive Ole says:

    Humor is individual and yes, very difficult. There will always be people who take offence when no offence is meant. To me, being able to crack jokes about difficult topics, does not belittle those topics at all, but rather raises them from a state of taboo. In my experience, we can never learn or evovle from topics as long as they are taboo. Not sure if I make sence at all, just trying to put my spin on it – as someone whom cracks jokes alot.

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