Judging a Job as Fulfilling or Not

Sorcerer Mickey

I love working for this guy!

A few days ago, someone watched me for a few moments greeting people at my job. “Wow, you sure have a fulfilling job,” he intoned sarcastically. “Telling people to go this way and then that way.”

Surprised and rather annoyed, I looked him right in the eye. “I actually love my job.”

“Sure, for now.” He laughed. Heat rushed to my face as I struggled not to cry. It”s not a big deal, I tried to think. But his words still stung.

I wanted to show him the smiles that I created each day, the people whose vacations I made more magical. How many people have jobs where they get to spread that kind of joy and love? How many people get to curtsy at little princesses, salute young Captain Americas, laugh with happy but exhausted parents, and talk about the best rides in the park? This is what I get to do every day, and I love it.

I wanted to tell him about the guests I made cry with joy when I cared for them, the children who squealed with joy that I had a “princess name,” the wonderful people I worked with who supported me every moment. Is that really not fulfilling? Seriously?

My job feels very fulfilling to me. Others seem to think that I am doing something right as well. At least twice a week, a guest pulls aside a manager to compliment me or writes a note for me in thanks. Isn’t that a sign of success? Shouldn’t one feel fulfilled by that?

Belittling another person’s job with labels like “easy,” “not fulfilling,” “stupid,” or other similar words only leads to a narrow, judgmental mindset. Many jobs are what you make them. Do you feel fulfilled there? Then it is fulfilling for you. Someone can be at a high-paying office job and feel depressed or useless. Another person can work as a janitor and love her job. I would prefer to be the person who loves her job other someone with a job that our culture is more likely to call “fulfilling.”

On top of that, you never know what someone went through to get his or her job. My anxiety and Autism made me think that I would never move away from home and have a job. Look at me now. Another person might have three kids and be widowed. Perhaps this job is the only one with times that worked for her. Would you belittle me or her for our jobs just because they are not prestigious?

Whenever I see someone sweeping or cleaning, I try to say “Thank you.” I am grateful for the people who make my veggie burger or fries at a fast food place and try to show them that thanks. No one in jobs like these deserves to be belittled. Maybe they love their job, and maybe they hate it. That is up to them to decide, not for us to assume.

I have met enough wonderful, talented people who struggle to keep a job to know that working anywhere (ANYWHERE) is not easy. Every place has its struggles. However, every place also has its wonderful elements. I am so thankful to have found a place where I am fulfilled and happy. That is what I wish for everyone else.

So instead of belittling, let’s try to understand the jobs of others. Ask question and figure out what that person thinks of his or her job. That, really, is more important than what you think about their job.


12 thoughts on “Judging a Job as Fulfilling or Not

  1. mykulmitch says:

    Every single job has it’s struggles. That is a fact. It’s finding the place you don’t struggle with or struggle the least with that makes it worthwhile. Go you!

    -Mykul Mitch

  2. Discoverecovery says:

    This is so true!! I’ve done my fair share of jobs that I hated and I’ve also had some really great jobs that I enjoyed. Recently, I got hired at a bookstore working in customer service and I’ve been facing a huge wave of people who are criticizing me for leaving a “career job” in order to work at a minimum wage job and go back to school. So many people ask me why I would turn my back on a job that could turn into a lifetime career in favor of an “unfulfilling” job at a bookstore. Honesty, I look at these people and feel a bit sad for them. We live in a society where money is valued above happiness. I LOVE the idea of working at a bookstore (I’m a bookworm and the bookstore is my happy place). Plus, the whole reason I’m going back to school is to gain the education that I need to pursue my dream of working as a therapist to help people overcome mental health struggles.
    It feels as though people are shaming me for giving up short-term financial despite the fact that I am doing so in order to achieve my dreams.
    I am so happy that you’ve found a job that you can enjoy and your optimism is so inspiring! So many people spend their days complaining about all of the crappy parts of their jobs (admittedly, I am guilty of this) when there are SO MANY reasons to love what you do! I want to have a job that I can love and that’s why I’m going back to school! The fact that I landed a job at my favorite store on the face of this planet just serves to reinforce that I made the right decision!
    Thanks for sharing your story! Don’t let people shame you for doing work that makes you happy and fulfills you.

    • Working at a book does sound awesome! Working towards a long-term goal is so important, such as your dream of being a therapist. That takes a lot of time, courage, and effort. It will all be worth it in the end. Try not to listen to those who tell you otherwise.

  3. maryblythe says:

    Beautiful commentary Anna Rose. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy thinking about the points you make.

  4. 80smetalman says:

    You like your job, you find it fulfilling, so who cares what some ignorant person thinks?

  5. Annika says:

    Awww I actually think your job is absolutely beautiful! The way you describe the joy you bring to children and their parents made me smile because it is obvious how fulfilling and perfectly suiting this position is for YOU. I’m so glad you found it! Today, I helped at a hostel and now I much more appreciate the effort the staff makes everyday to improve our stay there and create a comfortable, clean environment for the guests. This work like every one else is never to be underestimated, especially if you never tried cleaning bathrooms, distributing laundry, serving food, emptying bins and running around for hours! So thanks for this super cute and interesting post ❤

  6. Robert says:

    I can tell you are a beautiful person. God made you wonderfully. Remember he has given you a special mission in life that only you can fulfill. Remember the gift of your Catholic faith given to you at Baptism and stick close to Jesus.

    God bless you Rose,

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