Updated Bucket List 2017

In the Wide and Narrow Alleys

In the Wide and Narrow Alleys

Here is the fourth version of my bucket list. There are some things taken out and some added. Dreams come and go with time, but many have stayed the same.

Teaching and living in China is the biggest change since the last update in August 2015. However, I also transitioned to a new role at Disney World before coming to Asia and grew to a more confident and happy person.

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride Okay, so it was not very long trip. However, even the short ride up into the air and back down was amazing. Accomplished September 6, 2014
  2. Study abroad I did this in Oxford, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Accomplished June 2014
  3. Teach overseas I am doing this now in China which is a challenging but rewarding experience. Accomplished November 2016
  4. Be a professor
  5. Get a Doctorate
  6. Work at Walt Disney World/Land Um, who would guess this would come true? That is pretty amazing! Now I am here working at Disney World. What a huge accomplishment! Accomplished May 18, 2015
  7. Be a godmother
  8. Have a pink car
  9. Meet someone related to J. R. R. Tolkien
  10. Win a Noble Peace Prize
  11. Publish a book
  12. Write my memoirs
  13. Work at a library
  14. Give a stranger something worth $100
  15. Send a message in a bottle
  16. Pay for someone’s groceries
  17. Sing the national anthem at a sport game
  18. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records
  19. Donate blood
  20. Walk down a red carpet
  21. Swim with sea creatures I did this at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World. It felt very safe and fun with only a slight bit of adventure. That’s fine for my first time though. Accomplished Fall 2015
  22. Take someone on a shopping spree
  23. Be in a music video  Years ago, I was in “Learn It.”  Sure, it was just with friends but it was fun. Accomplished August 2009
  24. Be in a parade  Twice actually.  Once for piano lessons and once with my theater. Accomplished in July 2006 and another year
  25. Help out at a homeless/food shelter  I have, but I want to do more. Accomplished in April 2013 and the 1990s
  26. Ride a horse bareback  I did it for a few summers growing up and then a bit more recently. Accomplished in Fall 2012 and the early 2000s
  27. Scuba dive
  28. Be a bridesmaid I did this for my friend Ruth and will be again for my roommate Katie! Accomplished November 2013 and June 2015
  29. Use a jetpack
  30. Be in a movie Not a best-seller film, but I have been in several movies now. Here is my favorite – RepercussionAccomplished January 2015
  31. Give my parents at least $1,ooo
  32. Give a speech to a large group
  33. Meet the Pope
  34. Get a dozen roses  But I still get happy each time! Accomplished a few times
  35. Buy/rent my own house/apartment I managed to rent my apartment in China using a translator APP with the realtors. Accomplished December 2016
  36. Go in a spaceship
  37. Grow my hair down to my waist It is there or nearly there. I’m not sure exactly what point counts as long enough, but I’m going to say this is accomplished. Accomplished 2017
  38. Have my nails done nicely My toes have been done twice with my mother but not my nails. Accomplished August 21, 2013
  39. Save someone’s life
  40. Have someone named after me
  41. Name someone I named a student’s sibling (the English name). It was a great honor to be asked. Accomplished June 2017
  42. Visit C. S. Lewis’ house  While studying in Oxford, I went there. Accomplished June 2014
  43. Be in a Shakespearean play
  44. Visit where The Lord of the Rings was filmed
  45. Deal with my PTSD I am beginning to do so slowly. Accomplished August 2014
  46. Not feel guilty for one day I am getting close to that point. I think maybe it happened this year finally. Accomplished 2017
  47. Sell my mystery parties I sold one. The rest will follow when it’s the right time. Accomplished 2016
  48. Go to every continent
  49. Learn the Dewey Decimal System
  50. Recover from my eating disorder I’m either there or just about. Starting over in China was very difficult. However, I’m eating normally and keeping it down again. Body image issues still pop up but not as much as before. Accomplished April 2017
  51. Study at an Ivy League/highly respected School I studied at Oxford and hope to return. Accomplished June 2014
  52. Start learning another language I now know a tiny bit of Chinese. Nothing great at all. However, I can have minimal conversations and am still learning more. Accomplished 2017
  53. Start a charity
  54. Pet a squirrel
  55. Meet a celebrity I’ve met a few actors at Disney World. Accomplished 2016 
  56. Visit England I cannot wait to return! Accomplished May 2013
  57. Visit France
  58. Visit Italy
  59. Visit China Well, I live here now. Accomplished November 2016
  60. Visit Hong Kong
  61. Climb the Great Wall It was so tiring but well worth the effort. Plus, I went where there were no tourists at all. Accomplished July 13, 2017
  62. Visit South Korea
  63. Visit Greece
  64. Visit Germany
  65. Visit New Zealand
  66. Visit Australia
  67. Visit Amsterdam  Briefly but I want to really see it. Accomplished May 2013
  68. Swim in a coral reef
  69. Surf (or at least try to)
  70. Read a million pages (I am keeping track)
  71. Be on the radio I called in and talked about having a wedding dress although I was never engaged.  It was scary but fun. Accomplished July or August 2013
  72. Act in theater at my university It has been so rewarding. Accomplished November 2013
  73. Go on a vacation with my sisters They are coming to visit me today at Disney World! Yes! Accomplished August and September 2015
  74. Be promoted at a job
  75. Get a guest letter I received several at Disney World. Accomplished 2016
  76. Grow a garden
  77. Watch the sunset and then the sunrise
  78. Take dance classes again
  79. Read a book in another language
  80. Be questioned by the police It happened in Oxford after I was accosted by a homeless man. It was not fun but certainly turned into an experience. Accomplished June 2014
  81. Make a time capsule I did this but would like to again. Accomplished 2013
  82. Zip line
  83. Star in a show I don’t know why this wasn’t checked off before. I did this as Cinderella in Cinderella. Accomplished in July 2006
  84. Go on all the rides at Disney World Done. Some are wonderful. Others weren’t. Of course, there are changes coming now. However, at one point, I had done all of the current attractions. Accomplished Fall 2016
  85. Visit all the Disney parks around the world
  86. Show all my family around Disney World I did this with everyone in my family. My sisters came, and then my parents with Mario. It was wonderful both times. Accomplished Fall 2015
  87. Be a Maid of Honor
  88. Win a writing contest
  89. Get my Masters degree
  90. Visit Ireland
  91. Visit Scotland
  92. Have/adopt a child
  93. Rejoin Toastmasters
  94. Visit New York City
  95. Visit the Grand Canyon

There it is. Some new, some old, some accomplished, many left to finish. What’s life without something new to aim towards though?

10 thoughts on “Updated Bucket List 2017

  1. 80smetalman says:

    You’ve accomplished a lot and should be proud.

  2. maryblythe says:

    You go girl!!
    Love you tons and so happy that you are fulfilling your dreams.

  3. Great to see your post! You really have given this a lot of thought! Love that Australia is on your list! 😍

  4. Doug Trouten says:

    It’s fun to see how many of these things have “accomplished” written after them. I guess you’re an accomplished young lady! (You might want to rethink petting a squirrel, unless you’re in a petting zoo. I don’t think the risk-reward ratio is in your favor on that particular item.)

  5. Robert Pierce says:

    Quite a list. You have made a lot of progress in some critical areas.Keep it up.

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