Chasing, Gaining, Losing, Desiring Dreams

Cherry blossomsDreams are etched deeply into part of our being – our memories, minds, or spirits perhaps. They influence many vital decisions and alter the courses of our lives. You can choose to stifle them deep inside, never allowing them to see the light and grow into a branch of your life. Alternatively, you can take a wild chance and follow them, knowing they might lead to pain and difficulty. In the end, you will always wonder what would have happened if you never give those dreams a chance.

Still, chasing a dream and catching it only to have it crumble in your fingers is agonizing. Having a fleeting idea fail or not enjoying a temporary situation is frustrating. Yet, realizing your dream that you fought for is a thing you no longer desire wounds much deeper.

Imagine loving someone from afar and then having a shot at being with him or her only to have that person break your heart or be revolting. Or always wanting a dog and finally finding the cutest one only to discover that you are terribly allergic to it.

Imagine putting hours of daydreaming, preparation, and passion into something only to gain it and wish you never had.

And yet, you know that you wouldn’t change your decision to pursue your dream. Did it live up to your expectation? No, but you grew. You matured, realized what you loved and hated, found what you needed in life. You are closer to fulfilling other dreams, maybe ones with happier endings.

Life rarely happens in a way that we expect. Pain sometimes comes from experiences and people that we expected to bring us great joy.

Other times, however, hope and inspiration come from trying times when we finally learn what we need, want, and love. When we finally stand up and stay firm. When we finally look at ourselves in the mirror and begin to like – if not yet love – what we see.

So, keep dreaming. Keep chasing those dreams. They might end up leaving you feeling broken and lost. But those fragile and painful moments remind you of your strength.


10 thoughts on “Chasing, Gaining, Losing, Desiring Dreams

  1. MEM says:

    “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” (Anais Nin)

    Dear Miss Rosebud, you are amazing. As I read your blogs, I see that you blossomed; you reached way beyond your life and adventured deeply into a long-held dream. You took risk with courage, strength, stamina, effort, learning, courage, openness, flexibility, courage, letting go, loneliness, expansion, determination – did I say COURAGE? Broken dreams hurt. Gently I suggest there is MORE there than you realize. Look for beauty outside you each day. See the beauty inside you each day. You truly are a wonderful person.

  2. JJM says:

    Wise words! Better to risk and live the adventure of your dreams than to never risk, Never love and never really live
    Way to risk and live!

  3. MEM says:

    One more thought, dear Miss Rose.
    Give yourself time to grieve. This is huge.
    Do not indulge in self-pity or introspection, but allow your heart to move through its sadness.
    Then pick up the pieces, be grateful for the pain and experiences you’ve had – they add beauty to your life if you let them – and move on. Let God put the pieces back together.

  4. Salman Habib says:

    Excellent post, Thanks for sharing . A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

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