To Do List for 2018

Sitting in a conservatory on Christmas 2017

I’m making new goals to keep myself on track in 2018.

I love lists especially to do lists. Checking off what I’ve done, keeping my life in order, seeing progress made – everything about these lists leaves me feeling satisfied. Or guilty. It’s always one of the two. Hopefully, this year it will be the satisfied feeling only.

Anyway, I decided to make myself a to do list for 2018. Last year was filled with so much growth. I don’t want to lose any of that momentum in this next year.

  1. Finish applying and be accepted into a Master’s program.  I cannot control my acceptance, but I can do my best and not give up immediately.
  2. Edit my murder mystery parties. I have written numerous murder mystery parties and have meant to edit as well as sell them for years. It is time to start moving closer to that goal.
  3. Read at least 5 books each month. With 60 books in a year, that doesn’t sound too crazy.
  4. Act onstage again. I have not been in a play/musical since 2015. I want to change that this year.
  5. Try to publish some creative writing. For years, I’ve been nervous about sharing my work. This year is the time for me to try publishing it.
  6. Blog more frequently again. The past few years, my blogging has been infrequent at best. I want to become better at posting most days.
  7. Do some public speaking or further grow in communication skills in another way. I’m not sure how or where, but I’d really like to continue developing in this area.

So that’s my to do list for 2018. What would be on your to do list for the year?

6 thoughts on “To Do List for 2018

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Good luck for 2018. May you achieve all your goals.

  2. I want to feel like I achieve more than survive. I want life to be about more than my disability. Here’s to a good year! Cheers,H

  3. 1,3 (I have to say that this one is a little crazy for me haha. But still), 5 for me as well! You’re amazing. Enjoy yourself along the way to achieving your goals!

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