Listaliciousness: Walking on Water, Sherlock Theme Park, and Animals in Heaven

Swans on St. Croix

Swans on the St. Croix River outside my house

Have you ever felt both guilty about not serving people more and hurt because no one cares for you as much as you do for them? This has plagued me for much of my life but was especially difficult today. I long to be selfless, but being overlooked or taken advantage of stings.

On to cheerier matters, here are my weekly links. Art, nature, and England seemed to be the main themes. Perhaps that is not so hard to believe seeing how much I love all of those topics. Enjoy!
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Opening Night Jitters and Joys

Hailie, Graham, and Anna Rose in a scene

The scene that takes place in a Italian museum

Our play is officially off to an amazing start! After our two performances, all of us actors were drained but mostly joyous to be in such a life-changing show. Plus, our audiences were responsive and receptive despite the provoking topics and artistic nature of our performances.

Now that we are opened, I can divulge a bit more about this show. It centered on creativity, art, and faith. However, so many different aspects were touched in the show that few people (if anyone) expected. In fact, we actors had no idea what direction the play was going for a while.

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One Thousand Thanks: 766 – 776. Amazing Works of Art

Statue at Oxford

One of the most famous statues in Oxford

In one of my classes, we discussed artwork and culture. After being in Oxford and seeing so much beautiful work, I appreciate beauty much more. There is so much wonderful loveliness in all of the deep creations made by artists from all cultures, eras, ages, and religions.

So here are some of the works that influenced me the most. There are so many wonderful works that choosing just a few was extremely difficult.

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One Thousand Thanks: 544 – 554. Marvelous Men

My amazing father and little brother Mario a few days ago

My amazing father and little brother Mario a few days ago

Following the post from last week on wonderful women, writing about great men from history seemed fitting. There are numerous leaders, writers, artists, and activists that I look up to from all eras. Making this list and narrowing it down was difficult. Perhaps sadly, I thought of more men than women initially. This is probably because we hear more about men from past civilizations. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Thankfulness Thursday list and would love to hear about men that inspire you.

544. William Shakespeare – Of course I need to mention my favorite author. People may debate the authenticity of him writing the plays, but I remain enthralled with his words. Without his great mind, English would be a different language and theater would be a bit duller. Continue reading