Accepting Help from Others

With Scooby and the Gang

The Mystery Incorporated Gang always helped each other.

“I can do it myself!” This is one of the first phrases that children use. Independence appears to be one of the first lessons that we learn.

In many ways, being independent is a good thing. We are self-sufficient, confident, and strong. Functioning alone is possible as well as in a group. As the word implies, you are not (“in”) needing to relay (“dependent”) on anyone else.

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Coping Skills: #79. Ask for Accommodations

Many people want to muscle their way through life without asking for help or admitting struggles. I certainly am like that. This week I challenged that by opening up to a professor about my struggles in the class figuring out my point of view. He responded generously and helped to accommodate my learning style and abilities.

Not everyone will be willing to accommodate what you need. However, asking usually will not hurt anything. Also, more people are willing to make changes than you would think. You might be surprised at how flexible and caring others can be when you need accommodations.

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Deciding to Take Medicine

Choosing to take medication for mental illness is a difficult choice. People may ridicule your choice, side effects might be brutal, and you might need to go through many different dosages until you find what you need.

However, people who struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mental disorders can be helped by medication. That decision to take medication is between each person and his or her medical team. However, I encourage that you do not eliminate the possibility that medication can be helpful in recovery.

This video really inspired me. The faith element of it as well as the honesty really inspired me.

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Coping Skill #43. Asking for Help

Girl helping up fallen boy

Asking for Help

This week, I found myself needing things from home while at school. Not having a towel, for example, is an awkward position to be in when you are staying with a friend. In the past, I usually quietly made changes to my plans (no showers for a few days) or tried to make do with less than desirable substitutes (blankets are really not meant for drying you off).

This week, however, I realized that I needed to ask for help. This felt selfish and greedy, but not doing so would cause great discomfort and difficulty. So, I clenched my fists, readied myself, and approached my future roommate. Being that she is an absolute sweetheart, she smiled as she helped me with everything that I needed. Of course the microwave was available for use. It was no problem putting my stuff in the fridge. If I needed a q-tip, just ask because she had plenty.

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