Guess I’m a Little Salty about That

“I’m just going to be single for life. There is nothing wrong with that, and that’s the way I want it!” I declared in (what I thought was) a confident voice.

“Sure…” My friend remarked, looking unconvinced.

“What? There are people who are single and fine with it.” I responded with a bit less bluster.

“Yes, but I am pretty sure they don’t say it the way that you just said that. Girl, you’re a little bit salty.”

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One Thousand Thanks: 977 – 987. Joys of Singlehood

Releasing Your Captive Imagination

Being single can be ok and even a blessing.

Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world. It brings hopelessness, misery, depression, and lack of motivation.

Lately, this sense of being lost without anyone has been difficult. From everything that I have read, this is typical of Aspergers. Just because I know about part of the cause of my loneliness does not make it any easier.

Since being single has been a huge part of my current sense of sorrow, I decided to look at the wonderful parts of not being in a romantic relationship. Please add any others that you think of in the comments.

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Ten Things Not to Say to Someone Who is Single

Who Will Love Me
Who Will Love Me

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved. – Princess Diana

At work today, a few of us girls were talking about relationships. When I confessed that I had never officially had a boyfriend, one of my coworkers looked at me with surprise. “But you are so pretty!” She stated.

That comment was harmless for the most part. However, people often make remarks to single people that are annoying or even offensive. This is not necessarily related to mental health, but many people in recovery choose to be single until they are in a better place. Here is a list of some of the things not to say to someone who is single. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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