Listaliciousness: Allergy-Free Plants, Themed Weddings, and Twitter Birthday Surprises

Ready for this weeks links? These are full of hope with the coming of spring, flowers, weddings, and babies. Funny how most of them seem to fit into that mood and category.

Before the list, however, I wanted to let you know that I feel bad about how moody I’ve been. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it, but maybe you did. This past week was difficult. Maybe this one will be simpler. If not, I will try to respond with more grace and optomisim than I have been lately. Thank you all for your support. That is one thing that I can count on even when the rest of my life melts into a gooey mess.

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Young Girl’s Brains: Do We Treat Them Differently?

This commercial caught my attention a few months ago. I had mixed feelings about it because I really enjoy feminine things and do not think princesses, pink, dolls, or glitter are evil. Girls should be as free to play with cutesy toys or dress in frilly skirts. Denying them that seems just as silly as forcing that upon them.

However, the fact that society ingrains into these children’s brains the need to be thin, beautiful, and alluring is just ridiculous. It irritates me to no end that girls are growing up with such detrimental messages been slung at them.

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Please Don’t Come Near Me

It's Not You, It's My PTSD

Memories haunt, words remind, fears remain, but I will survive.

The phrase “It’s not you, it’s me” has been haunting me the past few days. However, two words are changed in it that makes all the difference: “It’s not you, it’s my PTSD.” In fact, I wanted to name this post that, but it appears that I already had that idea.

Lately, I have been more jumpy than usual. A man who looks homeless walking down the street sends shivers up my spine. The words “kiss” and “smile” cause flashbacks with both images and physical sensations. Even sweet remarks about how I look can make me cringe.

Worst of all, my fear around men has intensified. Certain people remain safe, thankfully, such as my little brother and father. However, I have a strong desire to keep all guys (especially new ones) far away from me. What if they touch me? My thoughts often race into terrifying directions in a manner of a few seconds.

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Lessons in Childrens’ Films

Movies and the media affect our minds strongly. This is especially true for children. Growing up, I latched onto the beauty and sweet nature of the Disney Princesses. Dick Van Dyke’s goofy antics in Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang touched my heart and taught me to value humor. Rasputin and other villains caused nightmares for years.

Thus kids’ movies impacted our world majorly. What we put into our minds as children influence who we become as adults. No, the media should not be blamed for everything that is right or wrong in the world. However, it is wise to be aware of how films affect our world. For example, the extremely thin heroines in nearly ever film have caused me great distress in body image and wanting to restrict food.

This video has a great message concerning this especially in the area of gender. When people continuously complain about Disney princesses, I feel guilty and a bit annoyed. These beautiful women have problems with their ultra-thin frames and damsel-in-distress nature, but they also have some wonderful characteristics. One of my favorite elements of this video is that the speaker acknowledges the good in Disney princesses instead of slamming them completely.

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One Thousand Thanks: 510 – 520. Being a Woman

Dressed up at the film festival with my friend Rachel

Dressed up at the film festival with my friend Rachel

“Mario, I want you to learn right now that if a girl says that you are lucky to be a boy or guys have it easier, just nod and smile.” I instructed my little brother on the way back from church this Sunday.

“I don’t need to know that yet.” He whined, looking out the window at the passing cars.

“No, you really do! The sooner you get that down, the better.” Seeing his disinterested face, I did not push the issue any further. However, he hopefully learned something.

Many times, I lament the struggles of being a woman. No, guys do not have simple lives. Yet, there are many pains, hardships, and annoyances that girls need to deal with in this world.

Despite that, we also have many opportunities, strengths, and beautiful traits. So I decided to focus on those this Thankfulness Thursday and list why I am glad to be a woman.

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The Asperigian Struggle of Attaching and Disattaching From Others

Who Will Love Me

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved. – Princess Diana

It is hard to get into or out of relationship. Most people seem to struggle with this. Change sneaks up and surprises us in wonderful or heart-wrenching ways. Switches in interactions friendships, family members, or romantic relationships can be some of the most difficult but healthy changes we have in life.

People with aspergers have even more difficulty with change than most people. Trouble with social skills and rigidity in thinking led to confusion and great discomfort when others change their behavior or want to have a new type of relationship. After allowing someone into your world and trusting them, you trust that it will stay that way. The harsh truth is that others will change bringing difficulty and the need to adapt.

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One Thousand Thanks: 354 – 365. Mario My Not-So-Little Brother

Little muddy boy yelling happily in the rainIn October, I used Thankfulness Thursday to honor my mother on her birthday.  Funnily enough, my younger brother Mario’s birthday fell on a Thursday this year as well.  Since he is turning nine today, I decided to dedicate this post to him and little brothers in general.

354. His huge smile – Mario’s beam shows how much joy is in his heart.  Sometimes it is sweet as sugar while other times it is cheeky or goofy.  However each time, my heart warms a little bit.

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