Updated Bucket List 2017

In the Wide and Narrow Alleys

In the Wide and Narrow Alleys

Here is the fourth version of my bucket list. There are some things taken out and some added. Dreams come and go with time, but many have stayed the same.

Teaching and living in China is the biggest change since the last update in August 2015. However, I also transitioned to a new role at Disney World before coming to Asia and grew to a more confident and happy person. Continue reading

DCP Bucket List.

I love this list and want to make one of my own. ūüôā A Disney Bucket List. Already I have made one for my little brother when he comes. ūüôā

Enchanting Tales.


As the excitement grows I am finding more and more ways to incorporate Disney into my days. And what better way to do that then to make a DCP bucket list! A friend of mine made me a bucket list of things she did when she was on her program and she says I have to do, but I still wanted to make my own as well.

So here we go…

  1. Watch the Kiss Goodnight at Magic Kingdom
  2. Eat at Be Our Guest
  3. Visit every resort 
  4. Have afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian 
  5. Do the four park challenge
  6. Go to Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween Party
  7. Go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas
  8. Walk down an empty Main Street U.S.A.
  9. Get celebration buttons
  10. Go to CP graduation
  11. Dole Whip
  12. Go to House of Blues
  13. Go to Food & Wine Festival
  14. Work a PAC shift
  15. Get a Four Keys Card
  16. Eat at Cinderella’s…

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Updated Bucket List

posing in front of the Cinderella castle

Here I am, by Cinderella’s castle every day!

Two Junes ago, I blogged my bucket list. Last October, it was updated. So many wonderful things have happened since then. Now, I am updating the list once again to show what I have accomplished and add new ideas.

Working for Disney is probably the biggest accomplishment so far. Realizing that I succeeded in checking that off my list was so exciting! What a cool thing. Continue reading

Listaliciousness: Captain Jack Kindness, Dog Bucket List, and Prank Apology

Me with a sundae in an ice cream pail

My friend and I ate this at Blizzard Beach. It was a great sundae!

I am trying not to freak out right now. For the most part, my two days off – today and yesterday – were lovely. Having my hand kissed by Goofy, relaxing in the sun with my friend Daniela on Blizzard Beach, eating a pail of ice cream, faking my way through Star Wars¬†weekend despite not seeing any of the films, meeting new friends from around the world in Epcot…it was all great.

However, I just had a mix-up in my scheduling, my computer mouse is still not working, and my phone has just stopped working too. All of this makes life so much more stressful. I do not know how to fix this all on my own.

Anyway, here is a brighter note: my top ten links! Let me know something that interested you.

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Listaliciousness: Hero Cat, Me Dancing, and a New Belle

Just when you feel ready to break, people can surprise you with love. The last few days have been much better than the rest of my week. Thank you to my wonderful coworkers (Haley, Celeste, Ada, Jeremy, Abby, Jennifer, Tyler, and everyone else – I am talking to you) and my awesome mother for helping to make this change.

So, enjoy  this list. Thank you all for making this a good ending to the week. Your responses, reading, and likes encourage me daily
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Updated Bucket List

Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon ride that I went on back in September at my church’s festival.

Last June, I blogged my bucket list. For a while, one of my writing ideas was updating this list. So much has happened in the past year. Realizing what I have accomplished and what dreams have been added to my goals is important for me.

Looking back actually made me very inspired and hopeful. I accomplished more than I ever dreamed that I would in the past year and several months. Riding a hot air balloon, going to Oxford, a (short) relationship, returning to theater – it has been a huge year. I look forward to thinking back in 2015 and seeing my progress once again.

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Boarding the Plane Tonight

In front of apple tree

In front of apple tree at my MN school

Tonight, I will be taking off to study at Oxford for a month. This fact has not fully sunk in yet. Will I really be living out this dream? What if I fail? How can I manage without my family or caregivers?

Nervousness is mixed with excitement. One moment, I feel like screaming for joy while I want to die the next from absolute terror. What if I get lost? What if I fall in love? What if my GPA drops? What if everyone hates me? What if I find a lifelong friend? Questions keep swirling through my head.

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Bucket List

Girl thinking about Walt Disney quote The other day, I wrote out a long bucket list on three pieces of paper. Using my favorite markers, I made this list colorful and full of hope.  Although some of my dreams are unrealistic, I still hang onto them because who knows?  Maybe one day they will all come true.

Anyway, so I thought I would share them.  Maybe you will get some ideas.  I sure would love to hear any things that I should add to my list.  Also I hope that this will help keep me accountable.  Throughout the years, I can keep crossing off items.  Already a few are done after my trip to London.  So here it is.

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