Cleaning Out Boxes of the Past

A lake near a mountain

A lake near the mountains

After arriving back in the USA a few days ago, I’ve been busy cleaning out all of my old boxes. Although I just moved back from China, my goal is to move abroad again for my Master’s Degree soon. Thus, all of the clutter in my old room and closet needed to leave.

As I pulled out old boxes and rummaged through dusty drawers, glimpses of the past kept appearing.

My fingers were stained pink and blue from oil pastel paintings made in residential treatment for my eating disorder. Babies surrounded by darkness, blood-red monsters devouring me, trees half blossoming and half diseased – images of despair and hope mixed with every color.

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Ten Things Not to Say to Someone with OCD

bulletin board

My bulletin board might not look perfect, but that does not mean I am free of OCD.

“Oh, I must set everything up in a certain way. I am so OCD.”

How often do you hear that? People often make comments about OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) that are dismissive and unsympathetic towards those who actually have the disorder. This creates lack of awareness and support surrounding mental illness.

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One Thousand Thanks: 566 – 576. Taking Care of Nature

Anna Rose and Mario in a tree

My brother and I love to be in nature.

Manual work outside has never been my favorite activity. Despite my love of exploring nature and relaxing in it, I rarely enjoyed sports, outdoor chores, or working on lawn care. Yet, there are benefits in doing activities that let you enjoy the sun and grass especially if you are also taking care of the environment. As I mowed the lawn this week, I realized that there are many things to be thankful for when you work in nature. Thus, this Thankfulness Thursday will focus on this theme.

566. Leaving the planet in a better state – When you clean up after others or help a plant grow, you bring more beauty and health to the world. That benefit is immeasurable.

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Coping Skills. #16. Cleaning


Cleaning can be a good coping skill that looks different for each person

Yesterday, I arrived home and preceded to try to work on my homework.  To my surprise, the electricity was out.  No phones, computers, lights, water, etc.  Anxious, I wondered how I would be able to accomplish anything.  With finals for three classes next week and a very busy weekend, being unable to use an technology was very inconvenient.

Instead of panicking, however, I decided to do some cleaning.  My busy school schedule has caused me to get behind on paperwork and organizing things.  Thus, having a break from homework gave me the chance to put away many files and other items.

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