To Do List for 2018

Sitting in a conservatory on Christmas 2017

I’m making new goals to keep myself on track in 2018.

I love lists especially to do lists. Checking off what I’ve done, keeping my life in order, seeing progress made – everything about these lists leaves me feeling satisfied. Or guilty. It’s always one of the two. Hopefully, this year it will be the satisfied feeling only.

Anyway, I decided to make myself a to do list for 2018. Last year was filled with so much growth. I don’t want to lose any of that momentum in this next year.

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Listaliciousness: Tom Hiddleston Moments, Sleepy Prayers, and Responding to Trials

Finals week is here! I just hope that I can get through it and be prepared to leave for Disney next Sunday. That being said, I will try to write a bit each day. However, some of my posts might be reblogs. On the positive side, that will let you read some material that touched me.

Here are some links. There are not 10 today, but I hope that you enjoy them.

  1. Halle Berry’s daughter raises money for charity with lemonade stand – What a cute idea! Children can be so considerate.
  2. Tom Hiddleston: Top 10 moments – He is a great man and wonderful actor. These made me laugh.
  3. Joining the Fellowship: Catholic Lessons from Tolkien – Here is another article that I wrote. The Lord of the Rings has so many deep lessons in it.
  4. Why Sleepy Prayers Have Value – Wow, I really need to remember this as I try not to doze off at Mass because I am so tired.
  5. Writers Are the Best Speakers – Interesting post. I never thought about it that way before.
  6. Responding to Trials – What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us.

How Do You Respond to That?

Looking in the Mirror

How do you respond to certain comments especially when they make you question your worth?

Preparing for my audition for being a Disney character or performing tomorrow has been very stressful. Although excited, I am terrified. After all, the other girls will be thinner, prettier, more talented, and sweeter than me. That keeps repeating in my head.

Hearing the responses of my friends and family to this big event has been both helpful and disheartening.  Most people have given me great encouragement. Others promise to pray or think about me. Even my coworkers warnings about safety or horror stories all come out of a place of being helpful.

Still, I do not want to get my hopes to high. After all, this program will be amazing even if I am not a character. Sure, that is part of my dream, but I will love working attractions too. There is not a loss just because I am not cast as a princess. That is what I keep trying to remember.

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Coping Skills: #66. Text a Friend

Mario and Anna Rose on the phone

On the phone with Mario copying me

“Are you doing alright?” A friend looked me straight in the eyes and inquired about my emotional state the other day.

“Yes.” I replied at first on autopilot. Then, I stopped and was honest. “No. Today is a struggle.”

She smiled knowingly and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Would you like to talk? I have to work later. However, if you need me, just call.”

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Putting Yourself In Someone Else’s Disability

Most people strive to understand others around them. We want to be emphatic people who help those around us. Whether it is listening to our children or encouraging a friend through a difficult situation, our social interactions often focus on meeting the needs of others or them meeting our needs.

Understanding others is not an easy task, however. If you have a loved one with a mental illness or disability, this task grows even more difficult. Not only are they are a different person, they also have an unique brain wiring and genetic makeup that is extremely difficult to relate to without frustration and confusion. This difficulty also affects them as they become guilty of the time you spend and annoyed at not being understood.

That is why putting yourself into someone else’s disability is so important despite the struggle. Here is a great example of this.

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