Feeling Good about the Food You Eat

Pasta dish

Feeling good about your food choices can be hard but is possible.

Food is an issue that fills many people with guilt. You want that extra cookie but would prefer that no one knows that. Yes, you finished the rest of the ice cream, but who would it help if you confessed that? Those potato chips might not be as nutritious as that banana, yet you shamefully eat the chips in the dark corner.

Usually, I feel very guilty about food. Recently, however, my groceries have helped me to feel healthy and excited about having a good diet. There are certainly moments of self-disgust but not nearly as many.

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Laughing at Failure

Meeting Captain Jack as Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon and Captain Jack both seem like they would laugh at their failures.

How do you laugh at failure? How do you keep going after your plans are ruined? How can you pick yourself back up and keep fighting for your dreams?

I have often wondered these questions. As a perfectionist, I fear failure immensely. The idea of doing anything wrong horrifies me. After all, why do something if you cannot do it right?

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Following a Meal Plan or Saving Money on Food?

Eating sweets with my friend Natasha

Eating sweets with my friend Natasha

Food is expensive. Buying it myself I have come to realize that. No longer can I throw hummus, vegetarian chicken, and protein bars into my mother’s cart and assume that we have the money for it all. Now, I must choose wisely what I am willing to splurge on as I get discounted bread, non-brand name cereal, and the cheapest apples possible.

This lack of funds for all food makes following my meal plan difficult. Fresh vegetables? How would I keep those good when I am running off to work? Buying a salad at work? Have you seen the price of salads? No thank you.

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Listaliciousness: Easter Eggs, Forgotten Proverbs, and April Fool’s Day

I love the look of flowers too.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope that you are having a blessed day and enjoy the whole Easter season.

Most of the links this week are posts that I wrote on Catholic Stand or Celebrity Cafe. However, there are some other great lists that might help you think about something new or laugh. As always, I would love to see a post or site that you enjoyed in this past week.

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Listaliciousness: Creative Pancakes, Being the “Good Girl” and Book Bucket List

Weeping willow

This is in honor of my amazing friend Hannah who I think is like a willow tree. She helped me through some rough times this week.

Hm. That is what I am feeling right now. It is a sound of satisfaction, exhaustion, and a hint of resignation to another week of business starting.

That being said, today went pretty well. Finally, I accomplished all of the hours needed this week for my internship. That took over seven hours today. Meanwhile, I also accomplished paying for (nearly) all of this semester of university, going to Mass, dropping off overdo library books, and watching Once Upon a Time. Like I said, this was a long day. Now, I just need a bath before going to bed. Another long week is ahead of me.

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Listaliciousness: Princesses, White Chocolate, and the Apparently Kid

tree tops

Looking up at the trees near my house

Today was lovely although I felt guilty about not working. Mario, Christine, Mom, and I went to Mass together before my sister left for school. Then, us remaining three went to an art fair near our house. Relaxing with family was amazing despite the looming anxiety of homework and money that is shackled to me.

Anyway, here are my links for the week. Some of the posts or web pages are a bit older, but hopefully you will still find them interesting.

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Listaliciousness: Fan-Favorite Couples, Oxford Restaurants, and Sherlock in Harry Potter

Books from OxfordMy love of making lists is no secret. So, when I had the urge to make a list of links from this past week, I decided to incorporate it into my blog. Especially with school starting, ways to help think of writing ideas is important. Thus, each week will contain Listaliciousness Sunday, Media Monday, Tip Tuesday (such as top ten lists), Thankfulness Thursday, Film Friday (with a Youtube video), and Coping Skill Saturday. I had already been doing most of these but will just become more consistent with them.

Anyway, here is my listaliciouness for this past week. Some are written by me and other are things that I found and liked. Enjoy!

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One Thousand Thanks: 331 – 341. Events of 2013

2013 photos

My year in photos

Today should be called Forgetfulness Friday, according to my mother.  Because of Christmas, my schedule became confused, and I forgot that yesterday was Thankfulness Thursday.  So today, I will continue with my thanks although it is Friday.

Since New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, writing about the joys of 2013 seemed fitting.  Hopefully I will not repeat thanks from past lists.  Many great things have happened this year, so I am excited to list my blessings.

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Coping Skills: #2. Cooking

Crepes, Ratatouille, and Poached Egg

Crepes, Ratatouille, and Poached Egg

Yesterday, I spent over three hours in the kitchen cooking a meal for my family.  Hair pulled back and headphones in, I cubed eggplant, diced onions, snipped basil, and attempted (more like failed) to chop up stewed tomatoes.  All of this was simply the prep work.  Cooking, I have learned, takes more work beforehand than in the actual process of making the meal.  However, the journey is as important as the end goal.

One of my goals for this summer was to cook for my family weekly.  Not only has this  given me more purpose, my meals have benefited our entire family.  My mother is spared an evening of cooking while my father gets a homemade dinner.  Because I make unique dishes, my siblings are able to experience new food.  Also, I carefully choose recipes that my entire family can eat – vegetarian, gluten-free, and (mostly) dairy-free.  Thus, I feel like I am contributing to my household with my suppers. Continue reading

Clueless Chef in the Kitchen

Dining room table with the quote "The people who give you their food give you their heart." - Cesar ChavezTonight I did the unthinkable.  I went outside of my comfort zone and performed an amazing feat.  Just a few days ago, I would have told you that I would never do something like this.

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