Listaliciousness: Captain Jack Kindness, Dog Bucket List, and Prank Apology

Me with a sundae in an ice cream pail

My friend and I ate this at Blizzard Beach. It was a great sundae!

I am trying not to freak out right now. For the most part, my two days off – today and yesterday – were lovely. Having my hand kissed by Goofy, relaxing in the sun with my friend Daniela on Blizzard Beach, eating a pail of ice cream, faking my way through Star Wars weekend despite not seeing any of the films, meeting new friends from around the world in Epcot…it was all great.

However, I just had a mix-up in my scheduling, my computer mouse is still not working, and my phone has just stopped working too. All of this makes life so much more stressful. I do not know how to fix this all on my own.

Anyway, here is a brighter note: my top ten links! Let me know something that interested you.

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Listaliciousness: Easter Eggs, Forgotten Proverbs, and April Fool’s Day

I love the look of flowers too.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope that you are having a blessed day and enjoy the whole Easter season.

Most of the links this week are posts that I wrote on Catholic Stand or Celebrity Cafe. However, there are some other great lists that might help you think about something new or laugh. As always, I would love to see a post or site that you enjoyed in this past week.

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Coping Skill: #56. Creating a Memory Box


A poppy that I found on my way to Tolkien’s grave

Perhaps because of my aspergers or perhaps just because of my personality, I am a very sentimental person. Each letter that has been written to me is kept in a bundle with similar notes. My room is filled with figurines and pictures drawn for me are taped across my walls. These help me to remember people who touched my life and helped me along the difficult journey of life.

However, having too much clutter will not bring back helpful memories. Instead, you will be overwhelmed, frustrated with yourself, or simply not be able to see what what you need. That is why putting certain items into memory boxes can be a helpful coping skill.

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