Happy Almost Fourth!

Tomorrow will be the 4th of July or Independence Day. Although I am not much of a fireworks fan, I loved the Disney ones that are special for today and tomorrow. The only nice part of waiting two hours for my bus was seeing them.

I am very nervous about the crowds tomorrow. However, my prayer is that everyone is safe and happy. Hopefully, I can help make that happen.  Continue reading


Listaliciousness: Bollywood, Kids’ as Fictional Characters, and Llama Chases

Happy start of the week! Since it is my spring break, I am hoping to have more time to blog. However, with work and homework assigned over break as well as practicing for Narnia, this might prove to be difficult.

Still, I look forward to having some free time to recuperate such as seeing films. Also, this Thursday will be my audition for Disney in Chicago. So, having some well wishes and prayers would be very appreciated. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the post and let me know what links from last week caught your attention. Also, I would love to know if you, your children, or someone that you know dressed up as a literary character this past week. Continue reading

Finding A Release

Finding a release is a huge part of recovery. However, knowing what that is can be difficult. Still, release is a great coping skill – if one that is a bit abstract until you explore more skills. How do you find release? Writing, music, art, dancing, nature, running, boxing? There are many ways to do this.


Hello all,

I have recently picked my journal back up and have began writing. However, I hit a roadblock in my writings. Traveling back to discuss something that had a big emotional impact on my life 4 years ago was enough to make me put the journal down for a few days. I plan on writing my entries in here… with some give and take information. Writing is usually a very good release for me, as most times it is difficult for me to explain how I am feeling without becoming an emotional wreck (given the topic).

I hope that in your journeys through life you find something that helps you release (something legal that is). I find that writing helps us explore our emotions, thoughts and allows us to focus on a specific topic or just ramble. Because sometimes we need to just ramble about nothing.

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Listaliciousness: Hero Cat, Me Dancing, and a New Belle

Just when you feel ready to break, people can surprise you with love. The last few days have been much better than the rest of my week. Thank you to my wonderful coworkers (Haley, Celeste, Ada, Jeremy, Abby, Jennifer, Tyler, and everyone else – I am talking to you) and my awesome mother for helping to make this change.

So, enjoy  this list. Thank you all for making this a good ending to the week. Your responses, reading, and likes encourage me daily
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Coping Skills: #68. Dance

Looking in the mirror after dance

I was so excited to dance that I even wore shorts which I have not done in years.

Last night, I had plans to go out with some artistic friends for an event. My excitement at not being alone faded into social anxiety and longing to be introverted. Talking with people and spending the evening out made my thoughts race into scary places.

So, instead I decided to stay at the dorms and join into the hall dance contest. Every hall in my dorm had choreographed a routine to an older song as well as a newer one. My only experience with my hall’s dance was from watching it a few times. However, the performer inside of me kicked into gear. While going out and viewing art while making small talk terrified me, grooving out in front of a huge crowd sounded like fun

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Opening Night Jitters and Joys

Hailie, Graham, and Anna Rose in a scene

The scene that takes place in a Italian museum

Our play is officially off to an amazing start! After our two performances, all of us actors were drained but mostly joyous to be in such a life-changing show. Plus, our audiences were responsive and receptive despite the provoking topics and artistic nature of our performances.

Now that we are opened, I can divulge a bit more about this show. It centered on creativity, art, and faith. However, so many different aspects were touched in the show that few people (if anyone) expected. In fact, we actors had no idea what direction the play was going for a while.

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Listaliciousness: Hobbit Flying Safety, Dancing Priests, and Amy Poehler on Body Image Insecurity

My article trending on Google Entertainment

My article trending on Google Entertainment

Here I am ready to start another week! School, play practice, work, homework, sleep, forcing myself to do self-care – here I come. Many wonderful moments are ahead for me as are many difficult ones. However, I am trying to put on my best face and not despair. I preach hope for everyone but often forget to have it for myself. That needs to change.

The list of links this week has many Lord of the Rings related items (as I obviously love) as well as some about faith and fall foods. Some were written by me for my internship or another blog. Others were articles that really touched me or caused me to laugh. Post links to something that moved you this week to share. 🙂

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Never Stop Dancing

My mother named me “Anna” which means “Grace” because she felt like I was a dancer while in her womb. Her thought was not so much that I would become a ballerina but that I would dance through life with grace.

When I think about that name, I feel sometimes like I have failed it. If my life has been a dance, it has looked more like a tempest-filled Irish jig with me falling over in the intense parts of the the music. Or perhaps it has been a breakdance routine where I struggle to get back on my feet.

Yet, sometimes I think about the beauty of a dance and like to compare it to life. Your choreography might seem simple to those who know little about dance, but that is not an indicator of how hard you are working on an intricate step. Sweat runs down your face, but you must stay in the moment and give everything to the dance until the music stops. That sounds a bit like life to me. So why shouldn’t we keep on dancing despite the hardship.

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Proof That You are Never Too Old

While in Great Britain, I was lucky enough to stumble across this beautiful and inspiring clip. This show produces stars and often has acts whose stories bring tears to my eyes. Although other performers are ridiculed, many are encouraged and find their dreams.

This woman, in particular, stood out for many people. Her smile, humility, gumption, and amazing talent wowed me. Hopefully you will enjoy her as well.

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Recovery in the Media: #44. . . .And She Sparkled

One of the best picture books I have read, this tells the story of a child being forced to grow up but stay unique.

One of the best picture books I have read, this tells the story of a child being forced to grow up but stay unique.

44. . . . And She Sparkled by Joan Steffend

Browsing in a cute little shop, I saw this book on the shelf. For some reason, the plush front with a simplistic but mesmorizing silver design appealed to me. The connection to my life was instant as I read the picture book. Right then, I was in residential treatment and struggling to want recovery. Staying a safe child or sick patient seemed much better than growing up in a frightening and uncertain world. Thus, this book played an important role in reminding me of who I was under all of my pain and healing that inner child. It might be a picture book, but . . . And She Sparkled has a deep message about recovery.

Synopsis: This book tells the story of a little girl who sparkles. Joy follows her as she brings beauty and light into the world. Each day, she dreams of the next one with excitement and anticipation. However, her dance falters as difficulties begin to come into her innocent life. Others start telling her to be quieter, more sensible, and less childish. In an attempt to be good, she locks up the sparkle inside of her and hides it from the world. Darkness increases as she struggles to live each day the way people say she should. The sparkle waits inside, hoping to shine once again.

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