Listaliciousness: Father’s Day, Women on Money, and Hidden Meaning in “Lilo and Stitch”

Family upon couch

My family

Happy Father’s Day! I miss my father so much on this special day. At least, we talked on the phone which was wonderful.

Anyway, here are some links. A few are Father’s Day themed while others deal with history, coping skills, and Disney of course. Enjoy!

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Recovery in the Media: #34. The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker

The amazing story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan shows the importance of hope and perseverance.

34. The Miracle Worker

One of the most incredible people ever to have lived was Helen Keller.  She went on to change the world with her deep wisdom and perseverance through struggles partly because of being blind and deaf.  Both versions of the movie The Miracle Worker only show her childhood.  However, the story reminds viewers that what seems impossible can be done and great things can come out of difficult circumstances.

Synopsis: The Kellers are nearly ready to give up on their little girl.  Helen was once a normal child but now is deaf, mute, and blind who demands her way all of the time.  Unsure of what to do, the Kellers cater to their child’s whims and fear for the worst.  When a teacher, Anne Sullivan, comes to try to help Helen communicate, the training seems pointless at first.  Yet, the determined woman refuses to give up as she continues to try to teach her pupil how to experience the world and interact with others.

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