Listaliciousness: Traffic Cone Interviews, Dogs in a Photobooth, and Realistic Heroines

Just two days until the preview of Narnia! That is practically our opening night because we will have a full house just like all of the other evenings and afternoons. I can’t wait to upload pictures of my beautiful costume. Only a few days more to wait.

Anyway, there are lots of great links this week. Many are focused on health issues such as eating disorders, abuse, and Lyme disease. However, others center on fun topics like rumors about the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff. Enjoy!

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The Truth about Fad Dieting


Do fad diets really work?

“Lose weight in 10 days without trying!” “Eliminate these five simple foods for a better shape in a week!” “Make dieting easy by trying our new supplement!”

We are surrounded by headlines such as these every day. Magazines at the grocery store, ads on television and even comments from friends repeat such phrases. The words and instructions might be different, but the message remains the same; you need to lose weight quickly.

However, do such diets as advertised really work? No, not for the most part. There are certainly exceptions, but fad diets tend to be backed by poor scientific research and have no lasting results. In fact, these programs designed to make us healthy often backfire and cause discomfort, further medical issues or eating disorders.

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Special K’s Marketing and Body Image

“93% of women fat talk,” Immediately, my attention is caught by the emphatic voice on the video. The narration continues. “We believe that is a barrier to shopping for clothes.”


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Can Fasting be Done in a Healthy Way?

Coping Skills #10. Personal Prayer

Lighting candles for Tazie prayer

Today starts the beginning of Lent for me and my family. During this time, we always worked hard to make sacrifices, donate to charities, and fast from something we enjoyed. Like many little children, I stopped eating sweets. If I could go the whole week (even Sunday) without desserts, then I felt so accomplished. God must be so happy with my self-control!

This sacrifice continued despite my compulsive over-eating. However, the draw of ice cream in the freezer downstairs sometimes pulled me away from my Lenten resolution. Consuming large amounts of desserts secretly helped me feel satisfied, peaceful, and joyful for a short period of time. Quickly, the shame and loneliness returned.

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Manorexia: Not a Joke


Yesterday at work, a man made an offhand comment about having rice instead of french fries.  “I’m on a diet,” he grinned, patting his normal-sized stomach.

“Oh, a little bit of manorexia never hurt anybody.”  Laughter broke out in the kitchen as another man remarked jokingly.

I stood to the side, trying to figure out how to respond.  My co-workers are such wonderful people, but this response to a serious issue troubled me deeply.  How can you laugh about disease that millions of men have but hide out of shame?  What about the people who die from an eating disorder?  Did that really “never hurt anybody?”

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