Listaliciousness: Father’s Day, Women on Money, and Hidden Meaning in “Lilo and Stitch”

Family upon couch

My family

Happy Father’s Day! I miss my father so much on this special day. At least, we talked on the phone which was wonderful.

Anyway, here are some links. A few are Father’s Day themed while others deal with history, coping skills, and Disney of course. Enjoy!

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Listaliciousness: Captain Jack Kindness, Dog Bucket List, and Prank Apology

Me with a sundae in an ice cream pail

My friend and I ate this at Blizzard Beach. It was a great sundae!

I am trying not to freak out right now. For the most part, my two days off – today and yesterday – were lovely. Having my hand kissed by Goofy, relaxing in the sun with my friend Daniela on Blizzard Beach, eating a pail of ice cream, faking my way through Star Wars weekend despite not seeing any of the films, meeting new friends from around the world in Epcot…it was all great.

However, I just had a mix-up in my scheduling, my computer mouse is still not working, and my phone has just stopped working too. All of this makes life so much more stressful. I do not know how to fix this all on my own.

Anyway, here is a brighter note: my top ten links! Let me know something that interested you.

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Listaliciousness: Traffic Cone Interviews, Dogs in a Photobooth, and Realistic Heroines

Just two days until the preview of Narnia! That is practically our opening night because we will have a full house just like all of the other evenings and afternoons. I can’t wait to upload pictures of my beautiful costume. Only a few days more to wait.

Anyway, there are lots of great links this week. Many are focused on health issues such as eating disorders, abuse, and Lyme disease. However, others center on fun topics like rumors about the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff. Enjoy!

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Listaliciousness: Golden Globe Nominees Best Films, New Egypt Pharaoh-Queen, and Still Christmas

Back to school with friends like Christi

Back to school with friends like Christi

Well, I just moved back into school and am already busy with work. This is my last semester…that is something I do not even want to think about right now.

So, onto the list instead. Sorry, I am a bit short today. Honestly, it has been filled with writing for Celebrity Cafe, moving into school, packing, and church. Hopefully this list will be fun for you still.

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Listaliciousness: Orthodox Reblogging, Disney Secret Rules, and Kid Movies for Parents Like

Petting kitty

Here I am holding a kitten at the pet store on Friday.

My brain is befuddled. Work, work and school – that was mostly my weekend. Add in some crazy drama, moments of wanting to burst into tears and nearly erupting with joy to make the two days utterly draining emotionally, psychically, and mentally.

Anyway, here are some great links from the past week. Choosing them was rather fun because I got a bit more time to look at things online and be inspired. Don’t ask me where that times came from because I am not sure. Hm…Life is confusing.

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Coping Skills: #64. Visit a Humane Shelter or Pet Store

Coping Skills: #8. Pet Therapy

Me with Lexi, who died about a year ago, when he was still very little

My roommates and I went to a pet store yesterday to hold some puppies and kittens. Doing so cost us several dollars and some hours that could have been used studying, but the joy that it brought me was worth it. Plus, I loved spending time with Kaitlyn and Katie.

Taking time to visit a humane shelter, pet store, or another place with animals is a great coping skill. Some time ago, I wrote about pet therapy as a skill to use. Doing so with your own pet is very helpful. However, it can be wonderful to care for other animals (especially those that do not have a home) in a caring way.

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Comforting Others

When you struggle with depression or an eating disorder, getting outside of yourself and noticing the world around yourself can be difficult on some days. At the same, many people with mental illness care deeply for others. Many are caregivers to the point where they wear themselves out and are left wearied each day. Finding a balance between being stuck in my head and focusing on others to the point of hurting myself is difficult. Many times, I go to one of the two extremes, but I am trying to get better at loving others and myself.

Even though caring for others can be stressful and tiring, this selflessness can be very healing and life-giving. We are meant to help one another, rejoicing in good times and mourning in hard ones. As someone with aspergers, empathy can be a bit confusing for me. I previously wrote about how I both take on the feelings of others but also struggle to read people. However, the overall function of empathy is an amazing thing that keeps us close to others.

Everyone loves in a unique way. We need to find the way that works the best for us and those around us. This video shows one way that comforting others and empathy can look.

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One Thousand Thanks: 670 – 680. Poignant Films – Part One

Peter Pan

This is one of the movies that inspired me.

On Tuesday, Mario and I went on a sibling date to buy some security shirts for him and see a movie. Watching Maleficent with him was an enjoyable experience. Although more violent than I prefer, the film touched me with its beautiful cinematography, sympathetic character portrayal, and intense plot twists. Many times I leaned over to see how Mario was doing with the fight scenes, but he seemed to enjoy the movie although for different reasons than I did.

This inspired me to write a post about the movies that I am most thankful for and that most touched me. This is similar to the past lists that I did on books. Once again, I am going to list an item that inspired me each year of my life for this Thankful Thursday.

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Recovery in the Media. #46. Up

Up is a film that shows the tenderness and agony that comes with love.

Up is a film that shows the tenderness and agony that comes with love.

46. Up

Pixar movies are amazing. Thus, I always look forward to the next film that they put out and long to see them as soon as possible. When previews and information for Up first came out, I was a bit skeptical. A movie about a house flying with balloons? What kind of plot is that? However, the story made me cry, laugh, and think of dogs in a whole different light. The deep messages about hope and grief make it a wonderful recovery-oriented movie to review on Media Monday.

Synopsis: Carl is an elderly man who lived a full life despite his quiet nature. However, his dreams of exploring with his deceased wife never happened. Before being forced into a elderly home, he decides to escape in his house. A young boyscout named Russel who longs for a close father, quirky bird named Kevin, and affectionate talking dog named Dug join Carl on his journey through grief into love.

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What Does Unconditional Love Look Like?

Love is a word that we hear often. Sometimes it describes a close friendship while other times it holds the passion of romance. Other people might use it simply to describe their feelings regarding a cute outfit or favorite food. If you think about all of the different meanings, you might conclude that love is a word that with multiple meanings that range from intensely strong to flippantly appreciative.

However, one thing that everyone can agree on regarding love is that we desire it. Perhaps not in the romantic form, but all creature want some type of connection with others. If I had to choose what type of this word we want, it would be unconditional love. That might be from family, romantic interests, friends, parents, children, co-workers, or pets. Regardless of who we want this from, we need someone to be devoted to our best interests and truly care no matter what.

This video really reminded me of this deep desire. Although I am more of a cat person, watching this reminded me that unconditional love can come from many different sources.

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