Listaliciousness: Aladdin Reunion, Princess Kate, and Broken Hearts

Meeting Ariel

Meeting Ariel

Well, time has certainly passed since I posted one of these lists. However, there were a few links that I wanted to share. Plus, getting back in the schedule of regular posting on my blog is a goal of mine.

So here are some great links both pertaining to mental health and Disney (where I just began to work again yesterday) as well other interesting topics.

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Linkaliciousness: Dino Trivia, Blogging Challenge, and Strange Items on Flags

“I can do this; I can do this.” That is going to be my continuous thought for this next dreadfully busy week. Most of the time, I just want to flop down and die instead of continuing on with all of my crazy work.

However, I really am almost done with school. Is that a good thing? I am still not sure. What is a good thing for sure? These links! Enjoy.

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Listaliciousness: Traffic Cone Interviews, Dogs in a Photobooth, and Realistic Heroines

Just two days until the preview of Narnia! That is practically our opening night because we will have a full house just like all of the other evenings and afternoons. I can’t wait to upload pictures of my beautiful costume. Only a few days more to wait.

Anyway, there are lots of great links this week. Many are focused on health issues such as eating disorders, abuse, and Lyme disease. However, others center on fun topics like rumors about the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff. Enjoy!

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Firstly, this is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.” There are many different types of depth. Words can attempt to describe this concept; however, sometimes an illustration is more helpful. Here are some of the types of depth that I long for in my life.

Depth of knowledge

The Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library

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Depth’s Diversity Displayed

Listaliciousness: Hero Cat, Me Dancing, and a New Belle

Just when you feel ready to break, people can surprise you with love. The last few days have been much better than the rest of my week. Thank you to my wonderful coworkers (Haley, Celeste, Ada, Jeremy, Abby, Jennifer, Tyler, and everyone else – I am talking to you) and my awesome mother for helping to make this change.

So, enjoy  this list. Thank you all for making this a good ending to the week. Your responses, reading, and likes encourage me daily
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Recovery in the Media: #67. The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game

This film tells of how even someone who thinks differently than others can change the world.

67. The Imitation Game

Love history or England? Intrigued by technology or solving problems? Think that Benedict Cumberbatch or Downton Abbey actors are amazing? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you might enjoy The Imitation Game as much as I do. Writing about it for my blog was obvious after my first time seeing it and essential after the second time.

Synopsis: Alan Turing was brilliant. Disliked, perhaps, but still brilliant. However, his story went untold for decades because of the top-secret work he accomplished during WWII. Enigma, a German code, was broken by him and a group of others after Turing invented a machine that could compute information. The Imitation Game tells Turing’s story with all of its heartbreak, frustrations, loneliness, hopelessness, and courage. Continue reading

Listaliciousness: Walking on Water, Sherlock Theme Park, and Animals in Heaven

Swans on St. Croix

Swans on the St. Croix River outside my house

Have you ever felt both guilty about not serving people more and hurt because no one cares for you as much as you do for them? This has plagued me for much of my life but was especially difficult today. I long to be selfless, but being overlooked or taken advantage of stings.

On to cheerier matters, here are my weekly links. Art, nature, and England seemed to be the main themes. Perhaps that is not so hard to believe seeing how much I love all of those topics. Enjoy!
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Coping Skills: #70. Go To a Coffee Shop


Here is my tea from Cahoots which is one of the shops that I met a friend at this week.

Confession time: I have never drank more than a sip of coffee. Even then, that was barely a swallow. The desire to have this caffeinated drink (which would probably make me overly hyper and give me headaches) has never been very strong.

However, being in Oxford taught me to love coffee shops. Walking into a coffee shop can transport you into another world. The smells, air, noises, and general atmosphere are unique from other environments. Thus, sneaking away to one alone or with a friend can be a great way to cope with life.

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Listaliciousness: Rapping Worship, Homemade Breads, and Gender Equality For All

Singers in Oxford

In honor of my links regarding studying abroad in Oxford and religious singing, here is a picture of some people who sang wonderfully at the Blackfriars Mass and vespers in Oxford.

This Thanksgiving break has been both a blessing and struggle. Mostly I feel awful for working the past six days at least 8 hours each day (but mostly more) instead of spending time with my family. However, today at work, a couple came up and raved about my service to me as well as my manager and then online. The fact that my small interaction touched them brought tears to my eyes. I want to be able to love people even if I am only taking their order, bringing them food, or smiling at them. Everyone can add light into the lives of others.

Anyway, this crazy work schedule is the reason I did not get out a blog yesterday. I feel really awful about that. That is the third one this year. Instead of beating myself up, I am continuing to attempt self-compassion. Preaching that is one thing, but following it is so much harder.

That all aside, here are some links. There are some fun videos as well as top ten lists and mental health articles. Enjoy!

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Updated Bucket List

Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon ride that I went on back in September at my church’s festival.

Last June, I blogged my bucket list. For a while, one of my writing ideas was updating this list. So much has happened in the past year. Realizing what I have accomplished and what dreams have been added to my goals is important for me.

Looking back actually made me very inspired and hopeful. I accomplished more than I ever dreamed that I would in the past year and several months. Riding a hot air balloon, going to Oxford, a (short) relationship, returning to theater – it has been a huge year. I look forward to thinking back in 2015 and seeing my progress once again.

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